Build a Big Back - 3 Tricks by Kris Gethin

Build a Big Back - 3 Tricks by Kris Gethin

Like any muscle, the back is easy to grow if you're genetically wired correctly. What happens if you're desperate to make a muscle develop but your genetics are limited in this area? You work at it!

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Having said that, "working at it" will only yield the results you're after if you're doing things correctly. Making your back grow will be a much more straight forward process if you do the following 3 things.

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How to Build a Big Back

Trick #1 - Retract And Squeeze

Making the muscles across your back contract is an art. You have to always think "retract and squeeze."

The first point refers to the retraction of your shoulder blades, they need to come all the way back. Once you do this, you then squeeze the muscle momentarily before releasing. Using momentum alone, yanking the weight down won't be enough.

Trick #2 - Do Everything

We're all guilty of enjoying some exercises more than others which inevitably means we don't do enough of the ones we don't like. The back has 4 major independent muscle groups:
  • Lats
  • Rhomboids
  • Traps
  • Erectors
Logically it makes sense that to make all of these muscles grow you must apply a wide variety of exercises within your plan! Pull downs alone won't suffice.

Trick #3 - Don't Forget the Basics

Have you ever seen someone deadlift or rack pull 6 plates aside for reps and look small from the back? Me neither!

Let's not forget that along with all this superb emphasis on tension, there's also a real need for moving heavy weight from A to B. Get your rack pull or deadlift up and your back will succumb to the force.

It's often said that people struggle to get any sort of connection when they train back, like there's no pump happening. An easy little trick to fix this is to use Pre-Kaged before the workout to enhance your neurological connection which is where this intense sensation derives from.
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