8 Must Do Back Exercises for Mass

8 Must Do Back Exercises for Mass

The back can be one of the most difficult muscle groups of the body to grow and improve. Since it is one of the few muscle groups that cannot be seen by our own two eyes, we must practice intense focus using our mind muscle connection.

However, there are certain back exercises that will aid you in achieving the full ninja turtle shell gorilla back action you have always dreamed of. These back movements should not be skipped or you may risk losing out on some serious gains.

If you want to obtain the full Christmas tree back action in time for the holidays be sure to include these lifts.

Best Back Exercises for Mass

#1 - Deadlift

The deadlift is said to be the best single movement of all-time. As a compound movement, it not only engages your back but also activates several other muscle groups such as the hamstrings. When completed with proper form, you will be sure to see noticeable improvements in your physique from bottom up.

#2 - Reverse grip bent over row

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Many professional bodybuilders and physique athletes such as Phil Heath and Jeremy Buendia have recently stated that reverse grip bent over rows are their favorite back exercise.

The bent over grip allows further isolation of the lats while also activating other back muscles such as the serratus and traps. Try using straps or Versa Gripps to take the arm muscles out of the movement focusing solely on increasing that back strength.

#3 - Seated row/Low-row

The low row is one of the most versatile exercises with several attachments such as close grips, wide grips, and numerous handle variations. You could even use a rope attachment if you're happening to feel a bit adventurous.

This staple has been in bodybuilding repertoires for decades and doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

#4 - Pull-up

The pull-up is quite possibly the best bodyweight movement around as it targets the lats directly. What is great about pull-ups is that they require little to no equipment and can be completed in several variations.

Try different grips and angles to see maximum back activation. If pull-ups become too easy try weighted pull-ups for that extra resistance.

#5 - Dumbbell row

The dumbbell row can be performed unilaterally or bilaterally, standing, or against a bench.

The lats are one of the most common muscle groups that become uneven due to differences in strength on either side of the body. By performing unilateral dumbbell rows each lat is working independently helping to prevent muscle imbalances.

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#6 - Lat pulldown

The lat pulldown is one of the best back machines for contracting the muscle groups and truly feeling the squeeze.

Lat pulldowns can be performed with a close grip, wide grip, or even reverse grip. By regularly switching up the variations you will hit all the different muscle fibers making up the back muscles. The smallest changes can result in the biggest differences in your physique.

#7 - T-bar row

The t-bar row is a fundamental movement that has been around since the heydays of bodybuilding. By placing all of the weight on one side of the barbell you are activating all the different muscle groups making up the back.

#8 - Pendlay row

One of the least talked about row variations, the Pendlay row is similar to a combination between a bent over row and a deadlift. The movement is like a bent over row except the weight comes to a complete stop at the bottom of the movement. This takes out the body rocking core motion that can sometimes be associated with a bent over row.

By letting the weight completely stop you are forcing your lats to do more of the work.

No Weaker Back Exercises

A physique is not complete without a full turtle-shelled back. If you properly incorporate all these various movements into your back workout routine you will go one step further in getting the full v-taper and skinny waist that you have always dreamed about.

Just remember the back muscles are not limited to the latissimus dorsi. Don't forget about some of the lesser-known muscle groups such as the serratus, lower traps, mid traps, and upper traps.

Having a thick back is just as important as having a wide back. You don't want to end up walking around like one of those guys with invisible lat syndrome.

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