4 Ways to Beat a Tight Schedule and Work Out! By Kris Gethin

4 Ways to Beat a Tight Schedule and Work Out! By Kris Gethin

Over the last two weeks it feels like I've lived in my car, going from one corner of the country to the other whilst balancing my work and training. Oh yeah, my diet too.

It's no secret that when you travel all of the time it can become harder to stick to the plan. Or at least it can certainly become a lot easier to make excuses.

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I'm not that kind of guy.

I have to train and I have to eat well because it gives me the foundation I require to keep winning in my world. I'm also not somebody who never indulges because I'm very "lifestyle" orientated, but if you keep being "flexible" it quickly becomes fattening and catabolic.

If I may, I'd like to share four things I do to avoid a lack of time becoming an excuse. I'm sure some of these will also be very helpful for you.
Kris Gethin

4 Ways to Beat a Tight Schedule

#1 - Load Up Google

We all live off our handheld devices these days. So it's no trouble for you to go on to Google and do some searching.

Look up the area you're going to and see where you can train and eat appropriate varieties of food. Having this knowledge prior to making your journey means that you don't waste any time when you're there and it also means you have no excuse to do anything different.

If you don't plan ahead that's when things start to get a tad messy, and before you know it you're eating deep fried pizza and having 3 days off the gym. Not good!

#2 - Get a Cooler Bag

Such a cliche I know, but I'm ever so unapologetic about this because it really works! Before you set off on your travels, fill up your cooler bag with meals you've pre-prepared along with snacks which are convenient.

This in itself eliminates most of the problems you'll have as far as needing to find the right food on route. No matter what happens on that journey you're not going to get caught out and be in a position where there's no food you can eat.

#3 - Get Up Earlier

Before I travel I usually get up extra early that day and train immediately, semi-fasted with Kaged Muscle BCAAs and Hydra-Charge. I put these in my water bottle to help curb the pending catabolism.

What this does is put me ahead, because I've already trained therefore the pressure is off. If I get to my destination without any complications and I've got time to train again, fantastic!

If I haven't it's no problem. All for the sake of about 70 minutes less in bed, not bad if you ask me.

#4 - Go For The Alternatives

I'll go straight in with an example here to illustrate my point.

Recently I was staying in the Hilton Hotel in Manchester which is possibly my favorite in the UK. It's amazing. The breakfast was great too, if you're not health conscious that is.

There was a buffet of every Danish pastry in the land, not to mention all the greasy fry-ups on offer. I veered away from them and settled for a quick shot of protein with my Re-Kaged and got some carbs from the natural granola, fat-free yogurt and pineapple on offer.

Another example would be my recent voyage to the Valleys of South Wales. I trailed down some of the best mountain bike routes in the UK.

Before I got there I knew there was going to be very little on offer in the way of suitable food. So I took some snacks with me. My Re-Kaged and actually bought a baked potato with chicken in a cafe. Again, no damage done through planning.

All of these steps are about taking the time to plan your life accordingly so you don't get run over by inconveniences. We're all in the same place really, fighting our way through life with lots of potential places to trip up.

The difference really is about how you deal with this, rather than what life throws at you.
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