Barefoot Running: Solving Foot and Ankle Problems, Enhancing Health, and Promoting Fat Loss

Barefoot Running: Solving Foot and Ankle Problems, Enhancing Health, and Promoting Fat Loss

This will be a two-part article. First, I will tell you about sprinting and why you should do it.

Then I will tell you why you should ditch your shoes! I have to note, find a grass field or run on sand for this - asphalt and concrete might be a bit harsh. 

Part 1

Sprinting isn't just running fast; it's blasting through your fitness goals and setting new records for your health. Here's why sprinting should be a non-negotiable part of your workout routine:

Cardiovascular Beast Mode: Sprinting cranks up your heart rate and pumps up your cardiovascular endurance. It's not just about building muscle; it’s about building a stronger, more efficient heart that laughs in the face of heart disease.

Fat Torching Sessions: Let’s cut to the chase—sprinting melts fat. Fast. It’s like lighting a bonfire that keeps burning fat long after you’ve finished your workout. Thanks to the afterburn effect (EPOC), your metabolism stays jacked up, turning your body into a fat-burning machine.

Build Muscles on the Run: Those short, explosive bursts aren’t just for show. They build your legs and glutes by forcing your muscles to adapt and grow stronger. It’s power and physique packing into one killer workout.

Sugar? No, Thanks: High-intensity sprinting can help regulate your insulin and keep those blood sugar levels in check. It's perfect for staying lean and mean, whether you're diabetic or just looking to keep sugar in its place.

Bone Density for the Win: Sprinting stresses your bones in a good way, boosting bone density and reducing your risk of osteoporosis. It’s like armor plating for your skeletal system.

Mental Health Rocket Fuel: Sprinting releases a flood of endorphins, giving you that euphoric post-workout high. It’s a natural stress-buster that can help keep the dark clouds of depression at bay.

Get More Time: You don’t need a 2-hour workout to see results. Sprinting packs maximum benefits into minimal time, so you can get in, get out, and get on with your life.

Agility Like a Pro: Sprinting improves your speed and agility, which is great whether you’re an athlete or just trying to catch a bus. It’s about being quick on your feet in every sense.

Performance Boost: If you’re an athlete, sprinting is the secret sauce for improving your game. It enhances your explosive power, speed, and overall badassery on the field or court.

Endurance Upgrade: Think sprinting is just for sprinters? Think again. It helps boost your overall stamina and endurance, making those longer workouts feel like a walk in the park.

Part 2

So we know we should sprint, but why would we take our shoes off?

As athletes and just simply human-beings who don’t want to get injured, the best way to strengthen the feet and ankles is to use them and in today’s shoe-coddled world, our feet are lazy and weak!

Natural Foot Mechanics: Going barefoot helps your feet move as they naturally should. Shoes can restrict movement, but when you sprint barefoot, every toe gets to flex, grip, and spring into action. This enhances your foot mechanics, improving balance, agility, and power.

Shock Absorption Done Right: Believe it or not, your feet are natural shock absorbers. Sprinting on grass barefoot lets your feet absorb impact the way they’re designed to, reducing the strain on joints that can occur from pounding on harder surfaces with shoes.

Strengthen Those Foot Muscles: Shoes often provide a lot of support, but that can lead to weaker foot muscles. Sprinting barefoot strengthens those small muscles in your feet and ankles, boosting stability and reducing the risk of injuries like ankle sprains. 

Sensory Feedback Boost: Your feet are loaded with nerve endings that provide vital sensory feedback, enhancing your overall proprioception—your body's ability to sense motion and position. Barefoot sprinting on grass heightens this feedback, which helps improve your speed and technique by making you more aware of your body's movements.

The Calming Effect: There’s something inherently soothing about the feel of grass under your feet. This connection with nature can significantly lower stress levels, giving your mental health a bonus boost while you train.

Speed and Efficiency: Some studies suggest that barefoot training can increase running efficiency due to the decreased weight on your feet compared to running shoes, allowing for quicker foot turnover. Faster foot turnover can translate into increased speed.

It’s Just Plain Fun: Remember running around barefoot as a kid? There’s a joy that comes with sprinting barefoot on grass—it’s liberating, and it injects a sense of fun into your workouts that you just don’t get with shoes on.


Try this today! I have been going most Sunday mornings with my son who plays football and his running-mechanics have improved dramatically. It is also carrying over to the gym and resulting in better lower-body lifts.

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