The 5 Best (Non-Floor Crunch) Ab Exercises

The 5 Best (Non-Floor Crunch) Ab Exercises

Let's face it. The one body part that every single guy wants to improve appearance-wise is the abdominal muscles. If you were to take a survey on what body part women find most attractive, chances are it would be those abdominal muscles.

Sure, as they commonly say, you can build a strong core foundation using such basic fundamental compound movements as the deadlift and the squat. Although these exercises will improve the strength of your core, chances are they won't make your abs fully pop with blazing definition.

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Of course, as we all know and have heard thousands of times, abs are not made in the gym but are made in the kitchen. There is no possible way to build a rock solid set of abs without having a fairly low body fat percentage and maintaining a healthy well-balanced diet. Nevertheless, you don't have to settle for doing endless amounts of sit-ups to build that six pack to display on the beaches this summertime.

Below you'll find a list of some different ab exercises you should incorporate into your routine to build that stomach washboard.

Complete no-crunch ab workout for six pack abs!

The Best Ab Exercises (Non-Floor Crunch)

#1 - Rope crunches

Arguably one of the most effective ab movements that can be performed is the rope crunch. The top bodybuilders all use rope crunches in one form or another.

To accurately perform this exercise simply place a rope attachment on a cable pulley that is placed to the highest possible setting. Next, get down on your knees about a couple of feet away from the cable station and begin pulling the rope downwards using the force of your ab muscles as they contract.

Too often, when you observe people doing this exercise they are using their hands to do this movement while your hands should simply act as a placeholder. Focus on using all the tension in your core area only.

#2 - Weighted leg raises (using dip station)

Leg raises are a fairly popular gym ab movement but trying performing them in a new manner. Grab a lighter weight (10-20 pounds) depending upon individual strength and head over to a dip station. Next, grab the weight with your feet and pull yourself upwards as if you were going up to perform a dip.

Stay at the top of the dip movement but focus on bringing the weight up with your core and perform a leg raise. This movement will place additional emphasis on the core muscles as you are not relying on a backrest to provide support.

#3 - Medicine ball crunches

Six Pack Abs

Try mixing up your routine by incorporating the use of a medicine ball. This movement will work best with the help of a partner.

Preferably, find a decline ab bench and grab a moderate weight medicine ball that is comfortable to your own individual strengths. Next, have your partner toss you the ball at the top of the movement as you come upwards. Come down with the medicine ball while engaging your core throughout the entire movement. Pause briefly at the bottom of the exercise before coming back up.

Repeat this process for 10-15 repetitions or however many you see fit.

#4 - Barbell ab roller

we've all seen those fancy ab rollers on late night infomercials promising amazing results in just minutes per day. However, if you have a barbell and some circular weight plates you don't need it.

Grab a barbell and place a 25 to 45 pound weight on each end of the barbell. Next, start the movement from the standing position similar to setting up for a deadlift. Slowly roll the bar forwards allowing your body to move as far as allowable until you reach a slightly inclined plank type position. Hold this motion for a brief pause and go backward returning to your starting position.

This exercise is far more effective than a traditional roller and can be performed at any gym that has circular plates available for your disposal.

#5 - Crunchy frog

No equipment is necessary to perform this movement. Simply sit on the ground with both your arms and legs off the ground using only your buttocks to support your body. Next, fully extend your arms and legs while simultaneously keeping them off the ground.

Now bring all your limbs inwards together allowing the body to fully squeeze and contract. Do this for 15 reps per set never letting your arms or legs touch the ground. This is a sure way to set those abs on fire quickly.

Parting shots

Getting a good ab workout in doesn't require boring sit-ups or standard crunches. Although core work is performed as a byproduct of traditional compound movements never neglect isolation ab work. It is required for most people to build solid abs that pop out of your stomach and grab the attention of all those who witness you shirtless.

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