8 Potent Rope Exercises For More Muscle Mass

8 Potent Rope Exercises For More Muscle Mass

Sometimes the effectiveness of a workout may lie strictly within its simplicity. Instead of thinking of an attachment as a piece of exercise equipment, think of it more along the lines of a tool. A tool that can help mold, create and sculpt the body that you wish to achieve.

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By simply moving this tool in one direction or another it can be used in a multitude of different ways to achieve results for various parts of the body. Take for example a rope attachment. While it may appear to be an 18-inch rope it is actually a movable, bendable object that can be moved in every direction to obtain a different objective.

Take a look at some of the many exercises that you can perform with simply the rope attachment.

Build Muscle With These 8 Rope Exercises


#1 - Triceps Rope Pushdown

The most common way this attachment is used is for the triceps. To perform this movement stand with your body slightly tilted forward and bring each part of the attachment to each side of the body.

Focus on contraction instead of maximum weight moved.

#2 - Overhead Rope Extension

Another triceps rope movement involves moving the cable attachment in the downward position nearest to the ground. Then grab the rope with both arms and bring the arms upwards to work the long head of the triceps.

This movement most similarly replicates the French press but allows for constant tension on the muscle.

#3 - Rope Hammer Curls

Scientific research has proven in recent years that there is an extreme benefit to cable exercises for the arms, for several reasons. One such reason is the fact that cables provide constant tension.

Keep the rope in a downward position close to the ground and bring both arms upwards squeezing the biceps.

#4 - Rope Front Raises

Instead of using a typical 25 to 45-pound weight plate instead try a rope attachment.

Try standing with the rope between your legs and bring the rope upwards until it reaches parallel level to the ground. Control the movement downwards focusing on the eccentric portion of the exercise.

#5 - Rope Lateral Raises

Many people use the cable extension with handle for lateral raises but try using the rope instead. Grab one end of the rope extension and bring it outwards focusing on the squeeze.

This is a great alternative to the traditional lateral raise or cable lateral raise to confuse the muscle and provide extra burnout.

#6 - Ab Crunch

Arguably the best abdominal isolation exercise is the ab crunch. While compound movements such as the squat and overhead press provide beneficial core work, isolation ab exercises will assist you in getting those abs to pop appearing almost 3D to the outside world.

Keep your legs on the ground in a neutral position and bring your abdomen downwards squeezing at the bottom of the movement.

#7 - Face Pulls

It can sometimes be difficult to target the rear deltoids but with the right movement you can create the appearance of full rounded shoulders.

To perform a face pull move the attachment to slightly below face level and grab both sides of the rope with an overhand grip. Bring the attachment towards your head while concentrating on obtaining the squeeze at the end of the movement bringing the weight towards your face.

This exercise also aids in improving shoulder joint mobility and helping prevent rotator cuff injuries.

#8 - Rope pulldown

The setup for this exercise is nearly identical to a triceps rope pushdown. However, the main difference in the movement of your arms.

Instead of pushing downwards on the triceps keep the arms locked but with the elbows slightly bent to prevent excess tendinitis. Bring your abdomen down until it is almost parallel to the ground the squeeze the lats as your bring the rope downwards.

This movement allows you to receive the full benefits of the lat stretch and is a great tool as a burnout accessory movement on back day.

Final Thoughts

The rope is just one tool that should remain in your arsenal of gym accessories. Instead of looking at the object as simply a rope, think of it as an attachment that can do so many different things to the body. As with anything in life, the way you look at one thing can change the perception of how its viewed with the naked eye.

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