6 Ways to Maximize Your Workouts

6 Ways to Maximize Your Workouts

Everyone wants the best bang for their buck. The same thing goes for a workout session. A great session takes the same amount of time as a poor session.

Here are six ways to help ensure you get the most out of your time at the gym.

6 Quick Tips to Double Your Gym Results

Tip #1 - Have Everything Ready to Go Before You Need It

This sounds like a no-brainer but putting all your equipment, drinks, supplements, music, clothes and headphones together in advance are the first steps in maximizing your workouts. Avoid the hassle of having to search for something when you are hurrying to get to the gym so you can focus on the upcoming workout without frustration.

When your items are prepared in advance you know you can just grab your stuff and go without worry- and with your headphones!

Tip #2 - Prepare For and Eliminate Distractions in Advance

It is easy to get distracted in the gym and find yourself with a 4-minute rest period when you were trying to stick to 75 seconds. Phone calls, texts, and socialization are three of the biggest distractions that will interrupt and hurt your workouts. Obviously some calls and texts are emergencies and must be dealt with immediately but other phone calls and texts should be addressed when you are finished working out.

Bringing your drinks with you allows you to avoid walking to the water fountains and back, also saving you from time consuming conversations. Talk to your friends but remember why you are at the gym - they are there for the same reason!

Have your playlist prepared in advance if you bring your own music so you aren't wasting time searching for your next song. The less distractions you have the better you will be able to focus on your workout.

Tip #3 - Mentally Run Through Your Workout

Spend some time going over your workout in your head while you are on the way to the gym. You know what day it is, think about the exercises you are about to perform.

What are your goals for THIS SESSION as far as reps, sets, and weights used? Visualize yourself executing these exercises and how you think you will be able to push yourself a little further. It will be easier to reach your goals if you focus on what your goals are and how you are going to achieve them.

Tip #4 - Make Your Playlist Work For You

Music can improve your workout by helping you get into your "zone" where you can ignore everything except what you want to focus on - your training. Take full advantage of this and choose music that you feel will help you do this.

don't overthink your playlist. Just pick music that makes you feel good and gets your heart pumping!

Make sure you've got enough songs to last through your workout and try to make more than one playlist so you don't get bored listening to the same music repeatedly. Start your music when you first start warming up to help you get in your zone and to encourage others to let you train.

Begin your playlist with something different than your usual music that will remind you what you are about to do and to help increase your focus. Two examples I've been using and suggesting for music to help enter a personal zone are the theme songs from Chariots of Fire (an instrumental) and Man of La Mancha.

To dream the impossible dream
To fight the unbeatable foe
To try when your arms are too weary
To reach the unreachable star

Gym Playlist
don't overthink your playlist. Just pick music that makes you feel good and gets your heart pumping!

Tip #5 - Use Those Mirrors to Your Advantage

Most gyms have plenty of mirrors. Use them for more than admiring your muscles and sneaking a look at someone else.

Make eye contact with yourself from time to time; keep that eye contact for a little while. Think about why you are doing what you are doing. Remember what it is you are going to achieve.

Doing this will increase your focus by reminding yourself that you are here for a purpose and that this is the time to do what you do. Staring into your own eyes will improve your workouts by increasing your focus and reassuring yourself.

Tip #6 - Start Talking to Yourself

Increase your focus before your sets by encouraging yourself with self talk. Make sure it's in your head and not out loud!

Positive encouragement is always beneficial. Only you know what words will be advantageous to you.

Challenging yourself is also encouraging. Using self-talk is a great way to motivate yourself. Simply telling yourself things such as, "I've done this before," "This is what needs to be done," or even "Prove you can do this," will improve your workouts  by repeatedly focusing and motivating yourself.

Easily Apply These Tips Today

Incorporating these strategies into your training routine will improve your workouts by intensifying your focus and increasing your chances of successfully reaching your goals.

These tips are easily applied. You will instantly realize the benefits of properly concentrating on the task at hand and ignoring the distractions around you. These tips will help you do that.
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