Bodybuilding Blunders: 6 Muscle Groups You Shouldn't Be Skipping

Bodybuilding Blunders: 6 Muscle Groups You Shouldn't Be Skipping

When it comes to working out, there are certain staple body parts that bodybuilders and lifter aficionados enjoy more than others. Chest, biceps, and shoulders are rarely skipped in any routine.

However, there are certain muscle groups that people forget to train or simply hate to train. Therefore, they never perform exercises to improve this body part.

Let's take a look at some of the most undertrained body parts, along with staple exercises to throw into your routine.

Don't Skip These 6 Muscle Groups

#1 - Hamstrings

The people that train legs generally will perform leg movements that are more centered around developing the quad muscles rather than the hamstrings. People tend to forget that their legs have muscles in both the front and back portions.

Having underdeveloped hamstrings can furthermore lead to imbalances in your posterior chain causing potential back problems and issues to occur. Only the most serious bodybuilders place extra focus on hamstrings as fully developed hamstrings are far and few between in most gyms.

Best Exercises: Stiff leg deadlifts, conventional deadlifts, hamstring curls, dumbbell deadlifts, ham/glute raises.

#2 - Calves

There is no doubt if you were to perform a survey asking people what body part they enjoyed working out the least, calves would be at or near the top of the list. Very few people work out their calves more than a few sets per week.

Genetics play an important role in the overall development of the calves, but with higher frequency training they can be brought up to relatively superior standards. Instead of doing three sets of seated calf raises once per week try to throw them into your workouts several times per week instead.

Best Exercises: standing calf raises, seated calf raises, donkey calf raises.
Rear Delts

#3 - Rear Deltoids

Shoulders are often trained focusing on the front and lateral heads but people often neglect the rear deltoid due to the fact that they cannot be seen. However, if you intend to build fully developed, symmetrical shoulders try to incorporate several rear deltoid exercises into your shoulder day routine.

For additional volume, add in rear deltoid work to your back day as the rear delts, traps, and back muscles are all interconnected. Rear deltoids can be hard to focus on so be sure to concentrate on getting the full squeeze throughout each and every rep.

Best exercises: rear delt dumbbell flys, reverse pec-dec flys, cable rear delt flys, single-arm rear delt cable flys.

#4 - Abdominals/Obliques

Having fully developed three-dimensional abdominal muscles is the Holy Grail for many bodybuilders and physique athletes. They are a sign of reaching the epitome of fitness for many but one downside is the fact that they are not extremely fun to train.

While compound movements will assist in building a strong core and ab muscles, to get fully developed abs you should perform additional isolation ab work at least 2-3 times per week to reach your full potential. Of course, there are other factors when it comes to abs including genetics and overall body leanness. If your diet is not in check it doesn't matter how many crunches you perform they will stay hidden under several layers of fat.

Best Exercises: rope crunches, weighted leg raises, woodchoppers, Russian twists.

#5 - Forearms

There has always been a constant debate that has raged over whether forearms should be trained as an isolation movement, or if they get enough work being used as a secondary muscle in most workout routines. Most people don't have the time to incorporate forearm training or simply do not want to add it into their routines.

Forearms can be one of the fine intricate details that are missed as a finishing point for building a superior statuesque physique. If you want to stand out from the rest add in some forearm training at least once per week.

Best Exercises: reverse curls, zottman curls, forearm extensions.

#6 - Traps

Contrary to popular belief the trap muscles are more than simply those two bulges raised from behind your neck. The trapezius muscles consist of three separate muscle groups that are all targeted differently using various exercises.

The upper, mid, and lower trap muscles help surround the back giving it a fuller, thicker, look. Often forgotten these muscles when developed can make you have the appearance of one bad individual.

Best Exercises: dumbbell shrugs, barbell shrugs, upright rows, plate shrugs.

Let The Gains Begin

The body is an entire plethora of muscle groups that should be built in a symmetrical and methodical fashion. Never forget to work the finer detailed muscle groups if you want to look your very best. Add isolation movements for all of these body parts because the finer details can make all the difference when it comes to being aesthetic.

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