17 Crazy Exercises You'll Never Try

17 Crazy Exercises You'll Never Try

Have you ever seen anyone try one of these exercise variations? Let us know in the comments section below.

#1 - Barbell Donkey Squat

Have a home gym and are bored with the same old, same old leg exercises? This quad blaster requires only a squat rack, barbell, and a spine of iron.

#2 - Sit Up Stand Up

Hate sit ups? This near-to-impossible variation isn't for mere mortals. Good luck trying this. Let us know how it goes.

#3 - Semi Trailer Back Lift

In this video modern day strongman Bud Jeffries can be seen lifting up a 53 foot semi trailer with his back and legs.

#4 - Zombie Squats

Love zombie flicks? Head to your local gym and give this terrifying squat variation a try. At your own risk.

#5 - Barbell Hack Deadlift & Safety Squat Combination

Think you've seen it all? Think you've done it all. You haven't lived until you've combined the 2 most brutal exercise variations on the planet.

#6 - Bosu Ball Squats

Because? Why not, huh? If you're feeling healthy and looking for a good way to destroy your knees...I think we've found the exercise for you.

#7 - Endless Barbell Step Ups

Legendary Russian Olympic lifter Dmitry Klokov heads outdoors to hammer out these intense barbell step ups.

#8 - The Breakdancer

Um...yeah. Love to break dance? It's time to whip out your mad skillzzz in the gym and make some abdominal gains.

#9 - Kettlebell "Goat Bag" Swing

Goat bag swing? That just doesn't sound right.

#10 - Stability Ball Wall Slides

Bored and tired of that stability ball staring at you from the corner of the gym? Time to get your wall slide on!

#11 - One Arm Wall Push Up

Start your ninja training with this exercise. Just be prepared for other gym members to question your sanity.

#12 - The Jefferson Squat

This was President Thomas Jefferson's favorite lift.

#13 - Smith Machine Curl Throw

Try it, but you've been warned. This curl variation has been known to put liters to sleep.

#14 - The Suitcase Deadlift

Married? Prepare to carry your wife's luggage on your next vacation with this awesome deadlift variation.

#15 - Belly Bouncing Bench Press

Is he strong? Yes. Is this safe? Your decide.

#16 - Bench Press Toss

Nothing could possibly go wrong here. Nothing at all.

#17 - Barbell Bent Press

This is an Arthur Saxon special. Think you're strong? Try this crazy old school movement.

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