10 Tips to Help You Survive & Conquer a Commercial Gym

10 Tips to Help You Survive & Conquer a Commercial Gym

Have you ever wanted to help a fellow lifter in the gym with their form but you were worried they might take offense to your suggestions? Or maybe you see somebody supersetting with three different pieces of equipment (that you need) during the busiest time at your gym?

Commercial gyms are filled with chaos and random shenanigans. Knowing proper etiquette can save you a lot of grief and angry looks.

These top ten tips will allow you to survive and conquer your commercial gym.

Improve Your Gym Etiquette and Know Your Gym Rules

Tip 1 - Ask to Alternate Equipment Between Sets

female-t-shirtIt can get annoying when somebody supersets with the equipment you need. Be polite by asking the lifter if you can join them in their superset.

This allows you to use equipment while the other lifter does something else, and then you two can switch. Asking to "work in" most polite and efficient way to ask a supersetting lifter for equipment.

Tip 2 - Compliment the Lifter, Then Attempt to Correct Their Form

You cringe at the sight of somebody benching with their body relaxed and elbows flared.

Start out with a compliment - it can be anything from their gym attire to their physique and effort. If the lifter then feels comfortable around you, attempt to help them.

Be more of a helpful friend than a paid commercial gym trainer when talking to others. This will keep you in the safe zone by preventing arguments and frustration.

Tip 3 - don't Correct Somebody Bigger and Stronger Than You - Ever!

Pay attention to this crucial tip.

A bigger and stronger lifter is more experienced than you. Even if their methods of are non-conventional, leave them be. Always.

Tip 4 - don't Text Between Sets - Focus on Breathing

When you text between sets it makes you look like you don't care about your progress, or like you don't care if you waste the time of others.

it's alright to change a terrible song in your phone library, but rest is meant to control your breathing and heart rate to prepare your body for the next set.

Tip 5 - Be Efficient

If every lifter at your gym trains chest and triceps on Monday and legs and abs on Tuesday, you do the opposite! This allows you to all have the equipment when you need it.

Manipulate your schedule so you minimize your time in the gym. Be smart and efficient. This will allow you to have all the time and equipment you need.
Woman Texting at the Gym
When you text between sets it makes you look like you don't care about your progress, or like you don't care if you waste the time of others.

Tip 6 - Don't Talk to Other Lifters Between Sets

Why do you pay your monthly gym fee? To workout, of course, nothing more. The same holds true for most all other gym rats.

So if you wish to converse with somebody in your gym, wait until they have finished a set, or for that matter their whole routine. Do this out of respect for their dedication to the gym.

Tip 7 - don't be Afraid to Push Yourself

Many commercial gym-goers don't push themselves hard enough. They don't take a set near failure because they don't want to yell, growl or scream and scare other members.

The last rep is the most challenging rep. It recruits the most amount of muscle fibers.

Bust away from the fear of embarrassment and push as hard as you can, no matter how loud you sound or idiotic you look. in the end you will be the one with the most desirable results.

Tip 8 - don't be a Lazy Spotter

If somebody in the gym is willing to trust their well-being by allowing you to spot them during their exercise, focus on their safety and progression. don't look around staring at the biggest guy or hottest girl in the gym or watch the TVs around you.

Not paying attention to the person you are spotting could lead to them getting injured and it makes you look like a poor spotter and potential friend.

Tip 9 - When Wanting Used Equipment Ask How Many Sets the Person Has Left

It is extremely awkward - and rude - when you stand near somebody that is using equipment you need and stare at them. Instead, ask them how many sets they have and use this time to rest and hydrate.

This allows extra rest time and it allows the person currently using the equipment to push themselves without feeling exposed.

Tip 10 - Use Deodorant

This may seem like an obvious tip, but there are endless times you walk into the gym to find yourself smelling musk and rotting flesh. Apply deodorant right when you start your day and about a half hour before you start your workout, a deodorant and antiperspirant combination is best.

The antiperspirant will allow the compounds of the deodorant to stay on longer. If you forget your deodorant at the gym, higher paying gyms have spray deodorant in the locker rooms. Also be sure to shower after every workout. If you still have body odor after following these tips, use antiseptic wash on areas that tend to smell and visit your physician.

Wrap Up

Commercial gyms can have many complicated and awkward encounters. But the benefits outweigh all the negatives. Including, and definitely not limited to, affordable access to a broad range of equipment, meeting new friends, unlimited access to spotters, and a chance to progress in your physique, strength, and endurance.

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