Bring Da Ruckus! An Inside Look at MTS Nutrition's Ruckus Pre-Workout

Bring Da Ruckus! An Inside Look at MTS Nutrition's Ruckus Pre-Workout

MTS Nutrition fans have a new pre-workout to be excited about and it is appropriately named Ruckus. Developed by Marc Lobliner, Ruckus is an exceptional combination of established ingredients that will accelerate your workouts by delivering energy while intensifying mental focus. Ruckus is an excellent pre-workout to add to your daily routine.

Ruckus contains a comprehensive recipe; each ingredient is listed without any proprietary blends and was chosen for specific reasons. Ruckus combines several ingredients you may be familiar with but they work together to form a complete package when combined. Here is a breakdown of what the ingredients are and how they have been shown to be effective.

Bring Da Ruckus!

RuckusVitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and it the human body requires it to repair tissue damage, blood vessels, tendons, ligaments and countless other functions. The human body must have Vitamin C to properly function and it effects proper collagen production to help your body repair itself from the stresses of strenuous exercise and life in general.

It helps with digestive function and protein synthesis. Lack of Vitamin C can cause serious health issues, including the development of scurvy.

Betaine Nitrate

Betaine Nitrate, also known as trimethylglycine (TMG) is a reputable supplement that has been used with excellent results. Naturally occurring in several plants including beets, spinach and quinoa, this ingredient has shown encouraging results in numerous studies. Betaine has been shown to have affirmative results by helping to protect proteins, cells, enzymes and proteins from stresses such as dehydration and extreme temperatures. [1]

Betaine Nitrate has been shown to have the ability to improve body composition quickly. A six-week study showed that participants were able to lose 3% body fat while gaining over 5 pounds of lean mass while using Betaine Nitrate; they also increased their power while bench pressing and their arm size increased during the study. [2]

Supplementation with Betaine Nitrate has increased power, force and strength in bench press and squats; furthermore the quality of reps performed and endurance with the squat exercise are also amplified with Betaine Nitrate supplementation. [3]

One reason Betaine Nitrate is able to help your endurance and extend your workouts is by increasing both aerobic and anaerobic metabolisms. [4] It may also increase performance during workouts by improving fatty acid and lactate metabolism - all while expanding intracellular volume. [5]

Cortisol levels have been lowered when using Betaine before exercising. Additionally, Betaine Nitrate may have multiple mechanisms that increase nitric oxide blood levels to assist in the increase of vascular function. [6]


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Taurine is well known for its ability to increase energy and focus. Many energy drinks are Taurine-based for this exact reason. [7,8]

Taurine also increases blood flow, an impressive trait that allows more nutrients to reach your muscles as you exercise. This helps increase protein synthesis as you build muscle mass.
Ingesting Taurine before exercising can improve performance in trained athletes [9] and research shows that Taurine speeds recovery time and helps protect muscle damage caused by exercise, [10] significantly reducing muscle breakdown, [11] increasing the results of your workouts.

Taurine is also well researched as a regulator of cell volume. Taurine regulate fluid balance and helps maximize hydration at the cellular level to optimize muscle function. This strongly suggests Taurine is also a cell volumizer to supply another stimulus for anabolism. [12]
Supplementation with Taurine has also been shown to increase endurance when running. [13]

Taurine has numerous benefits as shown in this previous article on Tiger Fitness.

N-Acetyl Tyrosine

This ingredient can help improve your focus and energy by positively affecting your brains ability to produce norepinephrine and dopamine. [14]

Tyrosine can be used for energy by being metabolized into glucose; it can also be absorbed and merged with proteins and peptides. [15] The addition of N-Acetyl Tyrosine helps to keep your mind in the gym while you are working out.

Infinergy (DiCaffeine Malate)

We are all familiar with caffeine and how it increases energy and focus. As shown in this in-depth Tiger Fitness article concerning caffeine, there are additional benefits achieved from the use of caffeine when exercising. Almost everyone in the gym has taken advantage of this glorious substance to assist us at one time or another.

Caffeine is a staple in numerous pre-workouts but Ruckus doesn't use your typical caffeine. Creative Compounds developed and produces a specialized form of caffeine named Infinergy, an ionic bond of caffeine and malic acid to increase energy and mental focus. [16]

Infinergy may also be easier on sensitive stomachs and is an excellent way to increase mental focus while supplying a surge of energy.
Bring Da Ruckus

ElevATP® is Healthy Mitochondrial Energy

This is an exciting new product developed to stimulate ATP production. Manufactured with a well-researched combination of ?ancient peat? and apple extract, elevATP was developed and produced by Futureceuticals. [17] A recent study has shown promising results with increased muscle hypertrophy when supplementing with elevATP. [18]

N-methyltyramine hcl

N-methyltyramine is found naturally in numerous plants including bitter orange, barley and Acadia. [19]

N Methyltyramine stimulates the release of noradrenaline for increased focus [20] and it also increases activity of serotonergic, adrenergic and dopaminergic neurotransmitters. [21] This ingredient helps to keep you focused on the task at hand.


Hordenine is a stimulant and has effects similar to adrenalin. [22]

It can cause the significant increases of noradrenalin and blood flow. [23] Similar to N-methyltyramine, Hordenine adds another level to the depth of the Ruckus experience.

MTS Ruckus - Your New Pre-Workout

Ruckus combines proven ingredients that will enhance your energy and intensify your mental focus while increasing nutrient delivery. This pre-workout will assist ?the pump? while giving you a great tasting drink to jump start your workouts.

Additionally, Ruckus supplies you with the tools to allow your body to function properly so you can recover for your next demanding session.
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