Purus Labs Unleashes Creagyn Featuring Magnesium Chelated Creatine

Purus Labs Unleashes Creagyn Featuring Magnesium Chelated Creatine

Compounding on the success of NOXygen, Purus is expanding our mission of creating synergistic and stackable performance products so consumers may "create their own cocktail" so-to-speak.

A growing number of consumers are having their eyes opened to the fact that many products they've been entrusting their performance to have zero scientific validation and quite simply, do not deliver. Purus created an entirely new product category with NOXygen, and we're continuing to systematically release our pipeline of flavorless performance additives to facilitate this growing number of inquisitive and savvy consumers.

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Purus Labs CreagynNOXygen satisfies the "PUMP" category as it immensely enhances blood flow and cell volumization. CREagyn represents our "STRENGTH" category as it focuses on ATP turnover (muscular energy) and cell volumization which both allow for moving heavier weight.

CREagyn soundly stacks with any pre, intra, or postworkout along with any fellow creatine products. Through utilizing a specialized, highly bioavailable form of creatine combined with the most highly concentrated form of glycerol available, CREagyn rapidly aids in ATP synthesis and muscle cell volumization (strength and pump).

Magnesium Chelated Creatine

This patented form of creatine consists of creatine bound to the versatile mineral magnesium, by an amino acid. Much like chelated minerals, this enhances the bioavailability of both the creatine and the magnesium.

Creatine increases your muscular energy, via cellular ATP, and enhances intramuscular water which leads to greater mechanical leverage (lift more weight) and can lead to actual heightened protein synthesis (new muscle!). Furthermore, this advanced form of creatine requires NO loading, will NOT convert to the harmful byproduct creatinine, nor will it cause stomach discomfort or bloating.

HydroMax Glycerol

Glycerol serves to hyperhydrate the muscle when taken in large enough amounts. This goes hand-in-hand with the effects of muscle volumizing effects of creatine. CREagyn puts the two together in perfect harmony, shuttling an incredible amount of fluid into the muscle while increasing the amount of weight lifted and reps performed.

Purus introduced this monster ingredient to the industry within NOXygen, which quickly became a nationwide top-seller and remains there. This particular patented form of glycerol yields 12x the amount of glycerol than other forms currently on the market. It has enhanced solubility as well, which leads to greater absorption in the stomach. So 12x the glycerol WITH heightened uptake...yes please.

CREagyn economically allows you to customize your pre/intra/post workout by aiding in muscle energetics and volumization without fouling up the taste. it's stimulant free as well, so there are no caffeine interactions to worry about. CREagyn may be consumed preworkout, or anytime through out the day serving to keep your muscle phosphocreatine stores and hydration at their peak. Add strength to your pre workout, literally.
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