4 Reasons to Choose Patented Supplement Ingredients Over Generic

One phrase which has become synonymous with the Kaged Muscle brand is “patented ingredients.” In fact, there are many patented ingredients which are found in the range of Kaged Muscle products.

Given that these ingredients are exponentially more expensive than their generic alternatives, I wanted to discuss why they're worth the extra investment. Here are four specific reasons why patented ingredients are superior to the more widely used generic options.

4 Reasons to Use Patented Supplement Ingredients

#1 - Scientific Integrity

Within supplements, ingredient usage should be guided by credible research findings. For example, patented ingredients must be dosed to the correct level as found by the most recent scientific research.

While many generic supplements will cite the same studies to sell their benefits, their ingredients are often under-dosed according to science, thus reducing their effectiveness.

For a patented ingredient to pass rigorous scientific studies, it has to demonstrate benefits, whether that is towards health, performance, muscle growth, or fat loss. In order to sell it as a patented supplement in accordance with scientific claims, it must be dosed to the level where these benefits are seen. This way, the user knows that they're getting the correct amount of the ingredient.

The studies done on patented ingredients are usually far more extensive and are structured to remove any biases which might otherwise taint the outcome. To find the truth, the integrity of a scientific test is paramount – it needs to be performed in a controlled environment, eliminate potential bias, and ensure the test is valid for the outcome they’re seeking. When these factors are in place, and the supplement company doses ingredients appropriately, the end result is a product the athlete can trust.

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#2 - Follow Up Research

Beyond the initial research done to prove a patented ingredients’ impact, research continues to take place. These studies strive to explore the benefits of the patented ingredient in more depth and expose new applications.

As a result, by sticking to patented ingredients the consumer knows the product is staying up to date based on the latest research.

#3 - High Manufacturing Quality

Patented ingredients have to be manufactured to the highest standards possible. This includes using temperature controlled processing environments, protection from sunlight, along with other variables.

Many generic ingredients aren't processed as carefully as patented ingredients are, which can have a considerable impact on their effectiveness. These are details that consumers aren’t often aware of, or consider when purchasing their supplement products.

#4 - Free of Harmful Substances

Due to the extensive testing and stringent manufacturing processes in place for patented ingredients, the risk of cross-contamination is dramatically reduced. Kaged Muscle products state that they're free of contaminants which can harm the body.

The only way the brand is able to make this claim is by using the purest, patented ingredients. Generic supplements may be full of excipients and agents which are not desirable – for your athletic performance or your health!


The extra cost is the obvious downside to patented ingredients versus generic alternatives. However, given that generic ingredients are often under-dosed and sometimes processed incorrectly, can lead them to produce little to no results.

In my opinion, this makes them a waste of money because they may provide no benefit. With patented ingredients, the consumer can be sure the supplements are providing everything that is claimed, as they are backed by ongoing research and held to the highest standards on the market.

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jeff gray - February 26, 2018

I think patented ingredients just give you piece of mind that you know exactly what you’re getting, how much, and the standard to which it is produced.

Damon Harrison - February 22, 2018

Great, great article.

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