Non-Stimulant Fat Burners - What to Look For

Non-Stimulant Fat Burners - What to Look For

People used to take ephedra-based fat burners. They would swear it made them lose all kinds of weight. The fact of the matter is, people simply thought it was causing a crazy fat loss because of the energy it gave them.

Studies have demonstrated that ephedra increases metabolic rate by about 5%. [1] This means that if your metabolic rate is 2,000 calories per day, you will burn about 100 extra calories per day.

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If you are STRINGENT with your diet, this adds up over time. But if you’re like most people, me included, you can simply use less BBQ sauce on your chicken and create the same deficit.

Sure, it works, but it isn’t magical. But you feel it. The downside is that ephedra was linked to health issues and even deaths.

What if I told you that not feeling something can work just as good for fat loss is better? Would you believe me?

I have your answer.

Non-stimulant fat burners, when done correctly, can safely help you lose fat and even improve your health by helping to support healthy blood sugar levels and other health markers. The problem is, since you cannot feel it, you won’t know it’s working.

That’s why I am here, to tell you what to look for in a non-stimulant fat burner.

Machine Lean


This replaces ephedrine and more, with a 6% increase in metabolism as well as numerous health benefits including decreasing appetite. With its patented Omnibead Beadlet Technology™, Capsimax won’t cause any gastrointestinal issues or burning, since it is derived from chili peppers.


This works through something in your body called cAMP. To make this simple, cAMP helps the body break down stored bodyfat to then be released and burned.

Forskolin (Coleus forskohlii) helps safely and naturally stimulate thyroid output and keep the fat loss coming while also supporting testosterone levels in men while having no negative hormone effects in women. This alone can be amazing for fat loss support!

Decaffeinated Green Tea

Packed full of anti-oxidants and known for its health benefits, this health tonic also can help you burn fat. The Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in Green Tea helps increase norepinephrine and that leads to more fat loss! [2]

Olive Leaf (Oleuropein)

Shown to help actually decrease specifically stomach fat and aid in fat loss, this ingredient completes the non-stimulant fat loss puzzle. It helps burn fat and also has some added health benefits – a must add!

How to Take These Ingredients

Combine these ingredients WITH your favorite stimulant fat burner or cup of coffee (I recommend Ambrosia Pachamamma Coffee – so good!!!). I actually like to skip the stimulant fat burner and take it with my pre-workout – timing isn’t an issue and you only need to take it once per day!

Hard time finding these ingredients? No worries. I put it all in one amazing product, MTS Nutrition Machine Lean, and all you need is two capsules a day. Take it anytime, in one or two doses, or even before bed. This is the perfect non-stimulant fat burner for use with your current fat burner or as a stand-alone.

Try it today and reap the fat-loss rewards of ephedra without the nasty side effects!


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