Nitrosigine: The Ultimate Pre-Workout Muscle Pump Ingredient?

Nitrosigine: The Ultimate Pre-Workout Muscle Pump Ingredient?

don't worry if you haven't heard of Nitrosigine, you're not alone. The purpose of this article is to educate on dosing, use, benefits and side effects of this breakthrough supplement.

Nitrosigine is a patented complex of bonded arginine silicate accepted by Food and Drug Administration as a New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) and Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS). [1][2] Nutrition 21 owns the trademark and produces this supplement in the USA. Tiger Fitness is one of the few supplement retailers licensed to use this ingredient in its products.

Nitrosigine has been scientifically proven to increase nitric oxide (NO) and silicon blood levels in the human body.

Nitrosigine for Muscle Pumps & Cardiovascular Health: Dosages & Use

Nitrosigine bonds bioavailable forms of arginine and silicon to create an effective nitric oxide and silicon blood level booster. When consumed orally in a daily 750mg to 1500mg dose, it can increase vasodilation and cardiovascular health as well as positively impact health markers indicating cardiovascular, renal, and metabolic dysfunction. [3]

Nitrosigine appeals to multiple audiences - weightlifters, power athletes, endurance athletes, as well as those looking to optimize and prolong their quality of life. Two studies examining a 14-day dosing protocol found that baseline arginine levels and nitric oxide were significantly higher on day 14 than day 1. [3][4] In these studies they measured nitric oxides through salivary nitrite levels. [5]

Unlike many supplements where a tolerance quickly builds, Nitrosigine improves in effectiveness when used daily over a continuous period of time.
Clash and Vasky Stack
MTS Clash stacked with Vasky (containing Nitrosigine), the non-stim pump inducer, is a winning tag team performance and gains combination.

A Deeper Look at Nitrosigine Benefits

we've briefly mentioned that Nitrosigine promotes vasodilation and cardiovascular health, but let's examine its benefits further.

Nitrosigine and Blood Flow

Nitric oxide promotes the relaxation of smooth muscle in blood vessels, which leads to increased skeletal muscle blood flow. Nitrosigine relaxes blood vessels (re improves blood blow) 500% more effectively than consuming Arginine HCL. [5]

The amino acid L-arginine is a crucial ingredient for nitric oxide synthesis within the body. 750mg to 1500mg of Nitrosigine can significantly increase plasma arginine levels within 30 minutes of consumption; these levels can be sustained for up to 3 hours post-consumption. [4]

Compared to Arginine Hydrochloride (HCL) and placebo, Nitrosigine is nearly 200% and 400% more effective in improving maximum blood flow, respectively. [5] Improving maximum blood flow is especially important during strenuous, high-intensity anaerobic activities such as a weightlifting, sprinting, and jumping.

Nitrosigine and Cardiovascular health

Cardiovascular HealthNitrosigine can help increases blood flow and promote cardiovascular health.

The dietary consumption of silicon can increase the strength and flexibility of arterial walls, which increases blood flow and promotes cardiovascular health. Silicon consumption also plays a role in bone and connective tissue health.

Although the exact mechanism is unclear, silicon levels decrease with age and these decreased levels are correlated with a weakened human aorta. [6]

Nitrosigine as a Pre-Workout Supplement Ingredient

Nitrosigine significantly increases plasma silicon levels up to 1.5 hours post-consumption. [4] Furthermore, researchers found that Nitrosigine improved plasma silicon levels 200% more efficient than obtaining silicon through the normal dietary intake. [5] Since Nitrosigine can increase plasma arginine and silicon levels up to 1.5 hours post-consumption, it makes for an excellent pre-workout ingredient that will last for the duration of your workout.

Nitrosigine and Erectile Function

Nitrosigine also has pro-erectile properties; improved blood flow and strengthened arterial walls can increase the hardness and duration of erections. Nitrosigine looks like a promising supplement for males looking to maximize sexual performance and pleasure. When researchers examined Metabolic Syndrome in non-human subjects, consumption of Nitrosigine reversed the impaired function of coronary arteries. [7]

Nitrosigine and Pain, Swelling and Clotting

In addition to the aforementioned vasodilation and pro-erectile benefits, the improved blood flow from consuming Nitrosigine can minimize instances of clotting, swelling, puffiness, tingling, cramps, and pain. [8] Based on all of these findings, it's just a matter of time before Nitrosigine becomes commonplace as a standalone supplement as well as a component in all pre-workout supplement blends.

Nitrosigine Side Effects

The current research does not indicate any negative side effects from using Nitrosigine at a 750mg to 1500mg daily dosage. According to Glanbia Nutritionals Nitrosigine has a shelf life of 24 months. [1] it's not advised to consume Nitrosigine past its shelf life.

With regards to positive side effects, Nitrosigine only becomes more effective with continuous daily use. [4] Prolonged use further promotes vasodilation and blood vessel flexibility as well as increasing nitric oxide, silicon, and arginine blood levels. With no apparent drawbacks and a slew of benefits, Nitrosigine should be a staple in your pre-workout supplement stack.

Nitrosigine FAQs

Where can I find Nitrosigine today?


When this article was written, there was only one retailer that sold Nitrosigine as a stand-alone product. However, this product is quickly gaining popularity as a potent pre-workout ingredient.

MTS Nutrition's new non-stimulant pump inducer called Vasky contains 1.5 grams per serving. MTS Vasky is scheduled to be released very soon. Products currently on the market that contain Nitrosigine include:

Is Nitrosigine safe to stack with other supplements?
The research thus far indicates that Nitrosigine is extremely safe to use as a standalone product or stack with other supplements. If you're looking to maximize blood flow and muscular pumps, you can stack Nitrosigine with products like cocoa extract, pycnogenol, agmatine, and coenzyme Q10. [9][10]

If you have pre-existing medical conditions then it's important you check with your health care professional before consuming Nitrosigine. However, for a healthy individual with no pre-existing medical conditions Nitrosigine appears to be a promising supplement to improve both athletic performance and quality of life.
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