Finding the Best Fat Burner

Finding the Best Fat Burner

Most of us have a little bit of pudge to lose. For some of us, it's around the waist. For some the glutes and hips.

Eager to see results, we fall for gimmicks: fat loss gimmicks, SCAMS and fad diets. According to Michigan State University, Americans spend over 40 billion dollars a year on weight-loss programs, special meals, snack drinks, diet books, diet magazines, and other products. [1]

I would bet my Ford Fusion that most of these cannot be adhered to. They are essentially either bogus, science-lacking programs, or just “hopes and dreams in a bottle.” I am about to cut through the fat here, both literally and metaphorically.

How do you lose fat, keep it off and what is the best fat burner you can take to help you reach your goals?

Diet and Training – The Key to Fat Loss

Diet and training and the keys to fat loss, with both being of equal importance. Diet should be followed consistently. It should be something you can stick with!

We have many free options at Tigerfitness, such as, but that might not be your cup of tea, and that’s okay! Pick a program you can stick with for life. If you like carbs, don’t go keto. If you hate carbs, keto might be great for you. But here is a good rule of thumb:

  • Set Protein to 1g per pound bodyweight per day
  • Set Fat to 0.5g per pound bodyweight per day
  • Fill in the rest of your calories with carbohydrate

But how do you find total calories? Simple, use our TDEE Calculator here. Once you have total calories:

  1. Multiply protein grams by 4. 100 grams protein is 400 calories.
  2. Multiply fat grams by 9. 100 grams fat is 900 calories.Find out how many calories are left subtracting protein and fat from the grand total. This is the number of carbs you will need. If the number left over is 800, you divide that by 4. This means you will get 200 grams of carbs per day.

When you don’t lose 1-2 lbs a week, adjust your calories but cutting about 30g of carbs from your overall macros – simple! But you will have to adjust as you go!


Weights before cardio.

Yes, weight training will build more muscle and you will burn more calories all day, even at rest. The key is progressive overload, meaning you increase weight each session. The exercises you should focus on will work the most muscles possible. Thus, we will focus the workouts around:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Bench press
  • Standing overhead press
  • Barbell row

We have the perfect program for you; our Big 5 program! See it here.

Final Piece of the Fat Loss Puzzle, the Best Fat Burner

We need to focus on a few key factors for fat loss:

Key #1 - Metabolism Boost

To boost your metabolism, we need to stimulate your system. We do this by using compounds that boost your calorie burning and as a welcome and positive side effect, give you more energy to get stuff done during the day.

If dieting, you might get a little bit tired and lose focus. The best fat burners will have ingredients that cover all of these bases – metabolism boost, energy boost plus mental focus. What ingredients should we look for?


Perhaps the most studied supplement ever, caffeine helps increase energy and alertness, decreases muscle soreness, helps increase stamina, and even enhances memory. [2][3]


Technically not a stimulant, this recent breakthrough from Compound Solutions can help heighten mental focus, improve mood, enhance motivation, and improves focus and concentration. It is especially amazing with caffeine and helps to preserve and prolong caffeine’s effects.

Yohimbine HCl

Another “non-stimulant” stimulant like teacrine, yohimine is awesome because it helps to liberate fat stores from problem areas like stomach and hips when in a caloric deficit (this is why we gave you a diet guideline – nothing works unless you do!).

Yohimbine helps you drop fat while preserving lean mass – so you won’t have that saggy, loose-skin look. And as for life stress, it can help alleviate that as well as help with cognition. Plus, for men, it might even increase libido.

But no worry ladies, it is safe and awesome for both genders. [4][5][6]

Cayenne Pepper

With a potent extract, cayenne pepper can help you oxidize more fat can cause a slight increase in body temperature – meaning more thermogenesis and fat loss!

Cayenne pepper can help reduce hunger and cravings. This can certainly add to your fat loss goals and even aids in digestion! [7][8]


Theobromine is actually usually derived from chocolate. Yes, chocolate! In fact, if you have ever gotten an energy boost from chocolate it was probably from theobromine.

And it doesn’t only increase energy, it can produce nootropic effects and a feeling of relaxation. Theobromine is a vasodilator, meaning it can help you get a better pump during workouts. This chocolate-derived compound can also reduce hunger and help prevent overeating. [9][10][11]

Key #2 - Hormones

As we diet, thyroid hormones and other male hormones get in the way of continued fat loss. The goal is to find an ingredient that addresses the issues males have without having negative effects on females. The perfect ingredient for this is forskolin.


Forskolin aids fat loss by improving the function of the hormone insulin by preventing insulin resistance and also can enhance your metabolism, or fat burning ability. Men who supplemented with forskolin were able to increase their testosterone levels while decreasing their body fat.

In addition, like theobromine, forskolin is a vasodilator and expands the blood vessels, allowing for better blood flow, easier nutrient transport, and a better pump during training. [12][13][14][15]

Key #3 - Health


Antioxidants aren’t just necessary for overall health and wellness, but they also decrease the production of triglycerides thus decreasing fat storage and enhancing fat loss. Antioxidants increase fat used for energy during exercise, which means you will burn more fat during training. This is often overlooked in most formulas.

Drop Factor

Putting It All Together

Above all, you need to diet properly and train hard, because nothing works unless you do. But once you get those in place, then you can add a quality fat burner, or what we consider the best fat burner, to help you reach your goals even faster and with less muscle loss.

This is why we recommend MTS Nutrition Drop Factor. It contains all of the above ingredients and is from MTS Nutrition, the brand that you can trust to deliver truth to label and quality.

It is time to stop procrastinating. Take control of your life, organize your diet, start training hard, and lose that fat!


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