The Ultimate Fat Loss & Muscle Building Supplement Has Arrived:  C3g (Cyanidin 3-Glucoside)

The Ultimate Fat Loss & Muscle Building Supplement Has Arrived: C3g (Cyanidin 3-Glucoside)

C3G forces nutrients into muscle instead of storing them as fat by triggering "nutrient partitioning", a novel technology found in new LIPO-DREX?.

Nothing drives people into the gyms, or nutrition stores, more than the pursuit of losing fat, and building muscle, in an effort to attain the coveted ripped and muscular look. But can they be done simultaneously - losing fat and building muscle? New investigations suggests they can, based on exciting new research on an ingredient called Cyanidin-3-Glucoside, or "C3G" for short.

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Here, in this brief article, I'd like to explain What is C3G; How it works; What the science says about it; and Whether you should be using it? for body re-compositioning.

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What is C3G, or Cyanidin 3-Glucoside?

You heard it here first - Cyanidin-3-Glucoside or C3G - for its positive effects on bodyfat losses and simultaneous lean muscle fullness/improvement. This is due to a concept that's been around awhile in the scientific community, but not really all that well understood, called "nutrient partitioning." (We?ll get back to this concept of "nutrient portioning" later on and why it's so vitally important to us).

Cyanidin 3-Glucoside (C3G) is a special purple colored pigment from the anthocyanidin group. It's found primarily in the skins and colored regions of dark purple fruits, grains like corn, and berries such as blackberries, aronia berries and a few others.

Although C3G is bound to glucose (the "glucoside" part), its calorie content is negligible, even in the highest doses. Standardized extracts of C3G range from minimal to upwards of 90%, therefore a mixture or blend of C3G-containing substances are optimal to ensure adequate levels to replicate therapeutic doses recommended by research.

How does C3G work?

In simplistic terms, C3G works as a "nutrient partitioning" agent. In other words, C3G helps to divert nutrients consumed away from fat cells and drives them into muscle cells. Now, if this doesn't sound like a bodybuilder?s dream, as the ultimate transformation agent, then you must be living on another planet.

C3G does this by activating the master cell regulator, called AMPK (adenosine-monophosphate-protein-activated-kinase), which in turns signals an enzyme called Lipoprotein lipase (or LPL) to deactivate in the fat cells and activate within the muscle cells; which thereby directly impacts adipocytes (fat cells) in a way that causes them to reject the storage of fat from food calories while simultaneously triggering muscle cells to "request" additional nutrients. (See fig. 1). Simply put, C3G drives the nutrients you get from food (calories mainly from fat and carbohydrates), away from the fat cell and redirects them into the muscle cell.
c3G Figure 1

What does the science say about C3G?

Cyanidin 3-Glucoside was first investigated for its potential insulin management properties. Later, it was investigated for weight loss effects, prevention of obesity and surprisingly, was discovered that it could increase muscle mass. Again, this is why C3G has been affectionately coined "the ultimate body transformation agent."

In the most conclusive study (Tsuda, T et al.), animals fed an obesogenic diet (high fat, high sugar), where one group was provided with Cyanidin-3-Glucoside (C3G from purple corn), and the other group did not receive the C3G. The results of statistical differences between the groups were very impressive with regard to bodyweight (bodyfat and muscle mass). Paraphrased from the study, one researcher was quoting as saying, "fat cells were shrinking and muscle cells were growing." these results.

C3G Supports Lean Muscle Mass Growth:

Science on C3G has revealed multiple peer-reviewed studies that it may be able to reduce bodyfat and actually increase lean muscle mass, during periods of controlled overfeeding. Reason is, according to one study (Wei, X, et al.), C3G is a potent AMPK activator and thereby produces a downstream effect of increasing glucose and lipid update into myocytes (tubular cells inside our muscles).

Further research (Luo, X; and Oak, MH, et al.) has revealed that in smooth muscles, C3G can exert a pro-inflammatory effect and prevent subsequent damage and oxidation, allowing for the muscle to repair and recovery sooner after exercise. What was most interesting, however, is in the Tsuda study, the more calories that were consumed in the test subjects, the more lean mass that was gained.

In some cases, fat loss was still observed even in the case of overall weight gain, meaning that fat loss and muscle gain occurred simultaneously. In fact, the study subjects who did not received the C3G, yet fed the high fat/high sugar diet, actually became diabetic and obese.
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C3G Reduces Adipose Tissue (Body Fat):

Additional research from Tsuda, showed that subjects taking the Cyandin 3-Glucoside benefited from reduced adipocyte (e.g., fat cell lining) inflammation and an increase in secreted adiponectin levels. Through AMPK activation, a different mechanism of action, lipoprotein lipase (LPL) enzymes are activated in muscle cells and suppressed in fat cells with C3G administration, in a way that caused fat cells to literally "reject" the storage of fat from food calories, while simultaneously triggered muscle cells to "request" additional nutrients. This is why subjects gained muscle and lost bodyfat, at the same time.

In a more recent study, Scazzocchio B, et al showed that C3G can also exert anti-diabetic effects via stimulation of the GLUT4 transporter activity in fat cells, and reducing retinol binding protein 4 (RBP4) expression. I appreciate these are simply technical phrases for "efficient glucose disposal." Startling to the researchers, these results were reported to rival that of the diabetic drug Metformin®.

Point being, contrary to what would normally happen, C3G is a potent inhibitor of fat cell enlargement and a decrease in fat cells size, despite large amounts of high-sugar calories consumed.

The Final Piece of the Fat Loss-Muscle Building Puzzle

I have a hunch this won't be the last time you hear or read about "nutrient partitioning." A novel concept that produces two diametrically opposing biological goals - simultaneous bodyfat loses and muscle gains. And rarely do I find myself compelled by such impressive data, like that I've discovered from C3G, that I would profess such a bold statement - calling it "The Ultimate Body Transformation Agent."

But in this case, I firmly believe the data speaks for itself. It's for these reasons we've created a "super C3G" ingredient, combining three forms of cyandin-3-glucoside, to produce the most profound effect in "nutrient partitioning." it's called C3G-Max™; made from Aronia, Purple Corn and Blackberries, standardized for potency and purity of cyandin-3-glucoside.

C3G-Max can only be found in LIPO-DREX™, a new novel nutraceutical from iSatori designed to impart the strongest "nutrient partitioning" available and help users, along with exercise, lose bodyfat and increase muscle mass, at the same time - to achieve the coveted lean and muscular physique.
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