The Best Supplements of 2016 - A Detailed Look

The Best Supplements of 2016 - A Detailed Look

it's been one hell of a busy year around the industry -- from new companies making waves to massive lawsuits to the usual spats of drama and everything in between, 2016 was quite the banner year for the industry as a whole.

All that being said, it's also been on of the best years in recent memory in terms of new and exciting products hitting the market. A new era of transparency has finally taken root around the industry, and YOU (the lifting populace) are the benefactors of some very well formulated products.

Now, it's time to take a moment, say thanks, and reflect on the very best products that were released during the previous year.

Best Stim Pre Workouts of 2016

Note: All of these are DMHA-based pre workouts in the 250-325mg range of caffeine. If you?re really looking for the ?best? pre workouts in 2016, the DMHA + caffeine combo is where it's at. In all honesty, DMAA or DMHA-based pre?s will almost always beat out caffeine head to head due to the additional mood/focus elevating properties of aliphatic amines like DMHA and DMAA.

Inspired Nutraceuticals DVST8 White Cut

[caption id="attachment_46504" align="alignright" width="200"]DVST8 Click here to order DVST8.[/caption]

Leading off the roster is perhaps the strongest pre-workout on the market right now sold at Tiger Fitness. What may grab your attention more than anything when looking at the profile of DVST8 is that it's well-blended in the stims department utilizing three forms of caffeine, 2016?s hottest stim DMHA, alpha-yohimbine, and synephrine! But that's only the beginning!

Inspired Nutraceuticals included several proven ergogenics to make White Cut a significant cut above the competition - headlined by clinical doses of betaine, beta alanine, and L-Citrulline.

Note that to get the full efficacious doses of a these ingredients, you?re going to have to use 1.5-2 scoops, which carries a whopping 325mg total caffeine total! This is hands down the hardest hitting pre workout in terms of energy on this've been warned!

Giant Sports Giant Riot

[caption id="attachment_46506" align="alignright" width="200"]Giant Riot Click here to order Giant Riot.[/caption]

Giants Sports was one of the very first companies to include DMHA in pre workout with their energy-only pre Giant Rush. Giant Riot is a more comprehensive pre workout that is a significant step up in class over Giant Rush, as it not only contains more caffeine and DMHA than Rush, but it also contains full doses of proven pump aids like L-Citrulline and Agmatine.

Giant Riot is the ultimate in pumps, focus, and energy coupled with affordability and cost effectiveness.

RedCon1 Total War

[caption id="attachment_46508" align="alignright" width="200"]Total War Click here to order Total War.[/caption]

RedCon1 exploded onto the scene in August 2016 as the brainchild of Aaron Singerman. When looking at the best of 2016 pre workouts, RedCon1?s Total War is extremely well-balanced as it seamlessly mergers energy, pumps, and endurance support.

In addition to the caffeine + DMHA combo, RedCon1 also sprinkles in another trendy stim of 2016 with Eria Jarensis (N-phenylethyl Dimethylamine Citrate on the label). If you've never experienced this stim before, just know that it feels very, VERY good. Eria Jarensis exerts some strong PEA-like actions, but unlike standard PEA which lasts only a short time, Eria Jarensis crosses the blood-brain barrier leading to a prolonged euphoric sensation during your workouts.

PNI Prodigy

[caption id="attachment_46510" align="alignright" width="200"]Prodigy Click here to order Prodigy.[/caption]

Prodigy is about as close to a perfect pre workout as you can get. When we say it contains ?everything? you'd want in a pre workout, we seriously mean EVERYTHING. Pumps? Check. Focus? You got it. Energy? Loads of it! Ergogenics? Fully dosed.

The two most intriguing ingredients in this are elevATP® and 2-amino-5-methylheptane. elevATP® is a novel compound shown in human clinical trials to significantly increase strength, power, and performance in trained men all at the exact same dosage contained in Prodigy.

Those of you familiar with DMHA (2-amino-6-methylheptane) will notice how similarly the formula is to that included in Prodigy (2-amino-5-methylheptane). The 2-amino-5 variant has a bit more ?aggressive? fell to it than DMHA which is more of a mood-uplifting feel.

Best Intra Workout of 2016

Scivation Xtend Perform

[caption id="attachment_46512" align="alignright" width="200"]Xtend Perform Click here to order Xtend Perform.[/caption]

Scivation Xtend has been the industry standard for BCAAs/intra-workout supplements dating back to the time that our own Marc ?The Machine? Lobliner was at its helm. The newest edition of the gold standard in BCAA supplements has included a novel compound called PeakO2?.

PEAKO2? is a patented and trademarked blend of several species of mushrooms, headlined by Cordyceps militaris. For those of you unfamiliar with this ingredient, it's a rather incredible variety of mushroom as it's loaded with all sorts of bio-actives that improve endurance and stamina, while significantly reducing rate of perceived exertion.

For those engaged in extra-long training sessions, or the endurance athlete, this is one you don't want to pass up!

Best Post Workout of 2016

Nutrex PostLift

[caption id="attachment_46514" align="alignright" width="200"]Postlift Click here to order PostLift.[/caption]

Nutrex?s Outlift has long been known in the industry as one of the strongest and best performance-based pre workouts. Now to complete it's workout supplementation, Nutrex has added a post workout product titled PostLift that supplies everything you need following a grueling workout to replenish depleted nutrient stores and jumpstart recovery.

Highlights of the product label: 25g fast-digesting carbs, 10g BCAAs plus full doses of Betaine and HICA, Leucine derivative shown to accelerate recovery.

Best ?Productivity? Supplements of 2016

Not everyone is bright-eyed, and bushy-tailed when they wake up in the morning for work. Some of you probably need a strong cup of coffee (or 3) to get moving and grooving for the busy work day ahead. These supplements help you get things done in a hurry by boosting your energy, focus, and cognition. Here?s the best of this year?s past offerings.

ANS Rave

[caption id="attachment_46516" align="alignright" width="200"]ANS Rave Click here to order Rave.[/caption]

Rave is ANS? new ?extreme nootropic? product featuring a new key ingredient in ?MagicLion? alongside a small dose of DMHA. MagicLion? is a specialized mushroom extract from the species Hericium erinaceus, more commonly known as ?Lion?s Mane.?

Rave touts a modest 175mg caffeine per scoop alongside a comprehensive blend of nootropics (?smart drugs?) that elevate mental and cognitive function so things like memory, creativity, focus, function and mental energy are always cranking at full steam and never drop off.

RedCon1 Mental Trigger

[caption id="attachment_46518" align="alignright" width="200"]Trigger Click here to order Mental Trigger.[/caption]

RedCon1 lands a second entry on the ?Best Supplements of 2016? with its brain-boosting supplement Mental Trigger. Leading off with a strong 250mg dose of caffeine per serving, Mental Trigger makes for a serious mental kick in the ass.

However, it's not just energy that improves your cognitive functioning, but also one of the strongest nootropics around Noopept. Add in 50mg of Thearcrine for some long-lasting energy and focus, and you can kiss those afternoon brain fogs goodbye.

Best Fat Burners of 2016

We may be in the midst of bulking season right now, but it's never to early to start planning ahead for the annual summer cut. Fat burners will help enhance a fat loss diet, but they will never replace a calorie deficit. These are supplements after all, not miracle workers!

MTS Drop Factor

[caption id="attachment_13727" align="alignright" width="190"]Drop Factor Click here to order Drop Factor.[/caption]

Drop Factor is the #1 selling fat burner of all time on Tiger Fitness, so why is this on the best new supplements of 2016? Simple, The Machine himself announced recently that he?s revamping the premier fat burner available to make it EVEN BETTER!

The new version of Drop Factor will include 100mg of TeaCrine® (theacrine) which provides long lasting, smooth energy. TeaCrine® has one other advantage in that it doesn't come with tolerance build up like caffeine and various other stimulants do. So you can keep using the same clinically-efficacious dose and get the same great effect without constantly upping the dose.

As for what's removed, Synephrine HCl will be discarded in lieu of the TeaCrine® for jitter free energy with no crash.

RD Nutrition Fitburn

[caption id="attachment_46520" align="alignright" width="200"]Fitburn Click here to order FitBurn.[/caption]

Is it truly possible to have a fat burner that not only enhances weight loss, but actually enhances your overall health as well? The answer is YES!

Fitburn contains ingredients that provide benefits like thyroid support, healthy insulin resistance, improved glucose metabolism, heart health and brain health. Ingredients like Chromium Picolinate and KSM-66® Ashwagandha aren?t you?re conventional weight loss ingredients, but these two help regulate blood sugar and cortisol levels, both of which can play a role in successful weight loss (or unsightly weight gain when out of whack!).

you'll also get a nice uplift in energy from Fitburn?s tri-plex of caffeine for both immediate and long-lasting energy to carry you throughout the day.

Best New Joint Formula of 2016

Scivation Flexatril

[caption id="attachment_46523" align="alignright" width="200"]Flexatril Click here to order Flexatril.[/caption]

Many months in the making, Scivation has developed the solution for all of your aches and pains with Flexatril. Included in the blend are three clinically proven ingredients all included for their ability to increase joint mobility and alleviate any joint discomfort.

Flexatril is very different type joint supplement that's not your standard Glucosamine + MSM formula. In each serving you'll encounter new ingredients like MicroLactin® milk protein, AyuFlex® Chebulic Myrobalan, and Sensoril® Ashwagandha. The proprietary blend has received rave reviews from the masses out there that have tried it, and lifters long plagued with achy joints have seen significant relief from pain and ?cranky? joints.

Another Banner Year

Well, that's a wrap on 2016?s best supplements! It was one heck of a fun ride with some amazing new products as well as new ingredients. If you've tried some of these products already, leave us a comment down below with your thoughts; if you haven?t tried any of these?

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Go pick up some now!
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