5 Best Health Supplements for Wellness & Recovery

5 Best Health Supplements for Wellness & Recovery

Supplements are just there to help you build muscle, right? There is more to it that than. If you're not already healthy you can't train optimally. And if you are not recovering, you won't be ready for your next debilitating gym session.

While you are probably getting in all of your creatine, pre-workouts, and protein - which DO help with recovery - they leave a lot to be desired. Proper recovery is a crucial component of not only making muscle gains and losing fat, but it also helping you perform optimally and avoid sickness outside of the gym

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Thankfully, technology has come a very long way. There have been a lot of breakthroughs; supplements like Niagen® and Immulina have not only pioneered a revolution in anti-aging and immune function, but have enabled fitness enthusiasts like YOU to get more out of their training and train longer and harder.

In no particular order, here are 5 supplement you cannot be without for health and recovery.

Tiger Fitness CMO Marc Lobliner discusses his top 5 supplement recommendatiosn for wellness and recovery.

Top 5 General Health Supplements

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#1 CeraGen

From Per Vitam, this supplement combines Niagen® and Cera-Q. Niagen, also called nicotinamide riboside (NR), is a precursor to NAD+. In the body, Niagen is converted into NAD+.

NAD+ is found in the human body in each and every cell. It is an essential coenzyme that allows cellular mitochondria to function properly. NAD+ also allows the food that we eat to be converted into energy.

NAD+ levels drop as we age. Aging triggers a degree of mitochondria dysfunction, creating lower overall cellular energy. This dysfunction in the mitochondria dysfunction accelerates aging, and is also a strong force that amplifies the onset on numerous popular diseases.

Cera-Q works to slow beta-amyloid plaque buildup. This buildup of brain plaque has experts worried that it may contribute to conditions such as Alzheimer's disease. Alongside this, Cera-Q has been shown to massively increase memory and brain function.

Together these ingredients have the aforementioned benefits, as well as improving muscle endurance, promote healthy cell metabolism, enhance thermogenesis and support healthy skin.

Could this supplement alone be the Fountain of Youth?

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#2 - Fish Oil (EPA and DHA)

Fish oil acts as an anti-inflammatory, helping to prevent exercise-induced pain. This is crucial.

Alongside this, fish oil can improve insulin sensitivity, cardiovascular function, nervous-system function, immune health, memory, and mood issues. In some studies it has also been showing to be nearly equivalent to anti-depressants.

From what I have gathered from experimentation, most people with little to moderate (2-6 times a week) fish intake can benefit from a standard dose of 3 grams of combined EPA/DHA per day.

Ethitech Nutrition Fish Oil is my go-to brand. Simply take 5 softgels a day. You can all of these at one meal, or in smaller doses. It won't matter.

As a CrossFit L1 trainer, I know that CrossFit recommends 3 grams of DHA/EPA per day. From their L1 workbook:

"Some practitioners have recommended a combined daily intake on the order of 3 grams of EPA and DHA for an otherwise healthy individual, although the exact amount is dictated by one's total omega-6 intake. Each brand of fish oil has a different concentration of EPA and DHA per serving as indicated on the label. Individuals may have to take multiple servings to get 3 grams of EPA and DHA, as brands may include omega-3s that are not either (e.g., ALA). Flax seed or oil is not an appropriate supplement for omega-3's. Flax is a good source of ALA, but because of the poor conversion to EPA and DHA, it is not recommended. If the individual is vegan, DHA can be obtained with algae oil."

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#3 - MTS Nutrition Machine Greens + Multi

Most of us don't get enough greens and veggies in our diet. Even if we do, more is better with this stuff.

MTS Nutrition Machine Greens + Multi not only has three epic blends for fruits, veggies, and probiotics, but added vitamins that are water soluble so there is no risk of overconsumption.

Only one scoop per day is needed to ensure you are covered!

#4 - Ambrosia Nektar

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This amazing and delicious health supplement contains 12 ingredients in their studied doses. These ingredients help support liver, kidneys, blood pressure, blood sugar, and other organs and bodily functions.

This supplement is a must-have for overall health. It needs to be taken once daily, at any time.

And no worries, alongside these benefits it also tastes as good - or better - than any supplement ever created. Perfect for men and women. Everyone!

#5 - Overtraining Solution

Overtraining Solution Click here to order the overtraining solution.

The exclusive-to-Ambrosia RFP's (Recovery Fraction Peptides) from colostrum are critical for optimizing your immune system recovery as well as your muscle recovery and protein synthesis response to weight training. But this is just one component to this ahead of its time supplement.

An industry exclusive to Ambrosia ingredient called Immulina is just as astounding. This ingredient improves and bolsters the activity of NK cells, which are called the Natural Killer.

The important NK cells act as thugs, helping to keep our immune system healthy. After training these cells can be suppressed, often for quite an extended time frame.

Alongside this, healthy adults had to improved overall immune system response. the effects of Immulina has been shown to improve the older a subject was. This makes it a very important supplement for those well into their 30s, 40s, and beyond.

To top it off, Astragin is added to aid the absorption of these ingredients.

These supplements aren't necessarily shown to directly increase lean mass gains, but by keeping your body running like a machine, these will definitely help with that. Add these to your program today and feel the different inside and out.
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Bryan Konyar - November 4, 2017

Great read!! I just started taking the MTS Nutrition Machine Greens + Multi… And I love it!!

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