6 Best Pre Workout Ingredients That Aren't Caffeine

6 Best Pre Workout Ingredients That Aren't Caffeine

Pre-workout is the most important and versatile supplement category, period. This one supplement can enhance energy and mental focus, induce vein-bursting pumps, and provide muscle building ingredients at arguably the most important time. Right before we do work in the gym.

The laser-focus, insane energy, sick pumps and lean mass support you crave can be infinitely enhanced with a couple of scoops of a flavored beverage. But there are SO MANY choices!

What are the best pre-workouts?

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At the time of this writing, Tiger Fitness has over 100 pre-workouts to choose from. What the heck are you supposed to do? No worries, bro. I am here to help.

What follows are the top six ingredients you should look for in a pre-workout. Do you need all six? Absolutely not, but I will tell when and for whom certain ingredients are optimal for YOU!

Are you tired of feeling confused? I am about to simplify your life right now. Read on!

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6 Best Pre Workout Ingredients

The first thing we will address is ATP. ATP is the biochemical way to store and use energy. Not just for muscle, but basically for everything.

Without getting too far into the science of this, because we could write a college thesis on this topic alone, ATP is one of the reasons creatine is awesome and helps you seek out those extra reps. It helps increase stored ATP within the muscle, which makes you get more reps, which makes you overload more muscle tissue and that makes you awesome.

We can get this of course from creatine, but which one?

#1 - Creapure® Creatine Monohydrate

Creapure®, manufactured by AlzChem AG, is the only creatine made in Germany. This creatine is known around the world for its high quality and purity, which is due to their careful selection of raw materials, technologically and patented system for synthesizing creatine. While there are other creatines such as creatine HCl, the data is simply in favor of Creapure being the absolute best.

Some may point to bloating caused by creatine. Well, if creatine truly causes bloating, any form would if it's truly working. But if you don't want to take creatine, or the ignorant media reports have you cringing about the unknowns, is there an option that can still increase your ATP? Yes, there is.

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#2 - ElevATP

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Manufactured with a well-researched combination of ancient peat and apple extract, elevATP was developed and produced by Futureceuticals.

A recent study has shown promising results with increased muscle hypertrophy when supplementing with elevATP. This supplement offers us an option to get the benefits of increased ATP without the use of creatine.

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The next ingredient helps increase performance and increase muscle recovery.

#3 - Beta Alanine

CarnoSyn® beta-alanine is important for carnosine synthesis and is a precursor to carnosine. Carnosine is a buffering agent and by increasing the amount of carnosine in the muscle.

CarnoSyn® beta-alanine both helps increase an athlete's peak performance and helps speed muscle recovery. When combined with Creapure® creatine, they work synergistically for lean mass gains, strength, and power output.

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The next step is energy. For this, we go to something that is NOT caffeine but provides a different, yet AWESOME energy and buzz.

#4 - TeaCrine®

TeaCrine® is a patent-pending compound containing pure theacrine, which can be
found in natural sources such as coffee and certain exotic fruits. A nature-identical compound, TeaCrine ® delivers energy, mental clarity, and improved motivation and mood. It does not increase heart rate or blood pressure and is not a stimulant.

Plus, with Teacrine, you don't have to worry about losing the feeling, you won't build up a tolerance to it like other stimulants! It also compliments caffeine in a very positive way. Look for dosing of 100 grams per day because since it is expensive, companies might try to shortchange you!

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Now we have that covered, what about endurance?

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#5 - Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine anhydrous functions as a protector to cells in the body when they are placed under stress, protecting your muscles when they become fatigued. This ingredient can increase endurance and lowering lactate levels to allow you to train harder for longer.

Best Pre-Workout Choice - Betaine anhydrous is found in MTS Nutrition CLASH.

#6 - Nitrosigine

THE PUMP! This is what we are after, so let's go with Nitrosigine

Nitrosigine is a patented complex of bonded arginine silicate. Nitrosigine bonds bioavailable forms of arginine and silicon to boost nitric oxide. Taken pre-workout at a 1500mg dose, this ingredient is very effective at increasing blood flow to the muscles and promoting a boost in performance as well as a sick pump!

Best Pre-Workout Choice - Nitrosigine is found in MTS Nutrition VASKY.

There are many more ingredients used in pre-workout formulas. For the sake of this article, these are the top six I would look for!

Look for a pre-workout with three or more of these OR find a good stack (MTS Nutrition VASKY, for example, puts a full dose of Nitrosigine with any pre-workout) and get the most out of your training!
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Christoph Fabian Kühn - May 20, 2018

creatine pyruvate, ubiquinol+shilajit, l-carnitine-fumarate, pterostilbene, leucin-nitrate, orotic acid, methylfolate, sulbutiamine= far more effective

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