MTS Birthday Cake Protein Waffle Recipe

MTS Birthday Cake Protein Waffle Recipe

Waffles are one of the best breakfast foods on the planet. I mean, simply what is not to like about waffles? Waffles are simply pancakes with abs.

However, the standard traditional homemade waffle contains an abundance of ingredients that are poor dietary choices such as butter, oil, and maple syrup. One of the best ways to stick to a diet is to replicate popular food option choices with healthier made substitutes.

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Most of your favorite recipes that you can think of can be made healthier by changing just a couple of the main ingredients. The new MTS Nutrition Birthday Cake Whey is no exception and can be used to mimic several different recipes. 

  • 1 scoop MTS Nutrition Birthday Cake Whey
  • 40 grams oat flour (can be made from traditional oats)
  • ½ small container of apple sauce
  • 4 egg whites (120g)
  • Stevia to taste
Optional toppings:
  • Fat-free whipped cream
  • Sugar-free maple syrup
  • Sprinkles
  1. Mix the following ingredients together in a bowl: 40 grams of oat flour (note: if you do not have oat flour simply take 40 grams of oats and grind them together in a blender), 4 egg whites, and ½ of a small container of apple sauce together until a thick consistency is reached.
  2. Turn on your waffle maker to let it heat up.
  3. Spray the waffle maker with non-stick cooking spray.
  4. Pour batter onto waffle maker.
  5. Let cook for 2 minutes (or until done).
Remove from waffle maker and top with ingredients such as whip cream, sugar-free syrup, and or sprinkles.

Macros for this recipe:
  • Calories - 383
  • Fats - 4 grams
  • Carbs - 40 grams
  • Protein - 46 grams
Enjoy your waffle!

It may not be your birthday yet but with this recipe, you can pretend it is all year round. Just because you are on a diet doesn't mean you still can't enjoy great tasting food. Be sure to follow me on Instagram @ryanrodal for more great workout advice and nutrition tips!
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