5 Ways to Use A Mass Gainer

5 Ways to Use A Mass Gainer

#1 - As a classic mass gainer

A good combination of carbohydrates and protein is essential for putting on solid muscle. There are two ways I use a classic mass gainer for size.

The first way is to add all three scoops to water. This gives me a decent 470 calories and a solid 25 grams of protein, along with some hydration from the water.

Option two I use when I am serious about putting on mass. If you are afraid of putting on some body fat (and the serious strength that comes with it) do not attempt this. For those who want to/need to eat a little more aggressively, I get out a blender, put in 16 ounces of whole milk, 3 scoops of a mass gainer, a tablespoon of peanut butter, a tablespoon of honey, and a whole banana with some ice cubes and blend together.

All together this shake is about 1000 calories, 50 grams of protein, 150 grams of carbs and 34 grams of fat. Also if you can divide this shake recipe to fit your caloric needs. I usually have the blended shake for breakfast or as the meal I have after my weight training session.


#2 - Energy during a workout

if you lift heavy and do it often, you completely understand what it's like to be out of energy halfway through a workout - even when using a pre-workout supplement.

An affordable option is to put one scoop of a mass gainer in some water and drink it throughout your workout. The fast-acting carbs will replenish your body and you get the bonus of some protein.

This method is often cheaper than sugary dextrose drinks and contributes a balanced diet. By using one scoop as you workout you are getting in about 157 calories, 25 grams of carbs, 8 grams of protein, and 3 grams of fat.
Bench Press
if you lift heavy and do it often, you completely understand what it's like to be out of energy halfway through a workout.

#3 - A healthier option to a great tasting milkshake

Huge Gainer comes in a chocolate flavor. As a woman that loves to have my food taste good, mass gainers usually taste terrible to me. Not this product though.

The flavor tastes just like chocolate milk and has no aftertaste.

Since the taste is so amazing and the scoops are small compared to other mass gainers on the market, I often replace that unhealthy chocolate malt at the mall with my mass gaining shake recipe I stated above.

You get more nutrition for muscle growth and recovery and it saves you tons of money.

#4 - High Carb and low carb days

Instead of spending money on donuts and fast food to carb up - and skipping out on protein because of the low-quality food you just spent money on - 3 scoops of mass gainer is perfect for your carb up days. Don't forget it tastes like you are eating chocolate!

For your low carb days, one scoop is perfect. At 25 grams of carbs this is lower than one packet of instant oatmeal, and again you save money.


#5 - For recovery and repair

When you push your body to the limits with cardio or weight training you need to recover. With cardio and weight training, glycogen in muscle tissue is lost because it is used to fuel your workout.

During weight training, micro-tears occur in the muscle tissue. This is basically microscopic damage in the body.

When you do not restore glycogen you become fatigued from everyday activities and often want to sleep all day. Your muscles also look very flat. almost as if you never worked out!

When you lack proper protein intake, you cannot repair these muscle tears properly. Also, protein supports every organ and system in the body including the immune system. Ever get sick after an intense workout? This is a sign you did not recover properly.

With Huge Gainer, you can choose between one and three scoops post-workout to promote instant recovery.

My Personal Story

Christian Romanova

The transformation of article author Christina Romanova.

I prefer Huge Gainer for many reasons. If the five options above did not convince to try this amazing product, I want to leave you with a personal story.

About two years ago I was 89lbs at 5ft 7in. I was so thin doctors were worried about my life, and the possible bone issues that could develop if I did not change my weight and eating habits.

I began lifting and doing the typical "bro" workouts, not sure what I was doing. I also bought some cheap supplements to support my journey. One of those supplements was a mass gainer.

The scooper was bigger than a man's hand, and the gainer tasted so bad I was gagging! Because I was so desperate for size, I was determined to work my way through this cheap mass gainer.

The flavor was vanilla so I bought a tub of vanilla ice cream. I put a ton of it in a blender and tried blending the gainer with ice cream. It tasted worse! I drank it anyway and got sick from too much sugar and low-quality ingredients.

I learned about nutrition as the days passed and finally figured out my body. I got my first tub of Huge Gainer and I noticed the size I was putting on was very lean. My strength was increasing dramatically with the help of a proper progression workout, which I learned from the book Massive Iron, that comes with the Huge Gainer stack. With that combination, I was looking bigger and leaner.

I had previously competed in bikini and did very well. After the addition of intense weight training and Huge Gainer to my diet, I now have the choice to either lose some size and compete in bikini or move on to figure because I now have a much better physique.

I even used Huge Gainer during contest prep! I now sit at a lean 137lbs and currently still take Huge Gainer. How could you not want a product that provides many benefits and is affordable?

Instead of Huge Gainer, try MTS Nutriton Epic Gains!

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