Healthy Fast Food Options: Top 8 Restaurant Chains

Healthy Fast Food Options: Top 8 Restaurant Chains

We live in a fast-paced world filled with constant chaos and never-ending chores. From taking the kids to school to working long hours in the office, we never can be too sure how much time we will have to prepare a healthy meal.

The steps required for preparing a healthy meal can be numerous including going to the grocery store, cooking the food, and even cleaning up. At the same time, we never want to spend an arm and a leg on healthy meal options at restaurants.

The good news is that with our overgrowing health concerns and further emphasis on nutrition we have a number of healthy restaurants available to us as consumers. We have formulated a list of the healthiest restaurants from across the country so that you can make the proper choices while eating out.

Keep in mind not every single item at every single restaurant is 100% healthy. This list was created as more of a holistic approach of each individual's menu as a whole.

8 Healthy Fast Food Options

#1 - The Flame Broiler

With 179 restaurants, this chain that started in California is quickly growing into one of the best healthy food restaurant options in the country - and for good reason. The menu is simple yet satisfying, as you can choose between a bowl or plate with chicken, lean beef, or both.

Add in some steamed veggies with your choice of white or brown rice and you have a healthy complete meal in no time. Since the meat is cooked over an open flame you eliminate the need for using oils.

#2 - Chipotle

Chipotle has been one of the fastest-growing restaurants in America over the past decade. We all know Chipotle has struggled with some health scares in previous months, however, I have no doubt this restaurant chain will rebound and recover their past reputation.

Bowls and burritos can be made as healthy as you wish with different meat or vegetarian options. This meal is a great way to get the proper mix of macronutrients in your diet at a fair price.

#3 - Waba Grill

With its selection of chicken and beef bowls and plates, it's easy to create healthy meal choices for lunch or dinner. Waba Grill is not only affordable but comes with huge portions of food at an affordable price.

The meat is grilled so it's free of fatty oils and butter that generally make fast food an unhealthy option. Chances are Waba Grill may be soon coming to a city near you.

#4 - Subway

Not only is Subway the largest restaurant chain in the world, but they were the first to offer healthy nutritious food to the mass public. There are several sandwiches on the menu that over 6-inch sandwiches with under 6 grams of fat.

If you want to stick to a lower carb option try the salads where you can choose from an endless array of healthy vegetable options.

#5 - Chick-Fil-A

Although they are closed on Sundays, you can still get a relatively healthy meal at an affordable price. With several grilled sandwich and nugget options you can stick to a low-fat diet without breaking the bank.

#6 - Panera Bread

With several available sandwich and soup options, you can be sure to make a healthy choice next time you go out to eat. Although not every single menu item is "healthy" there are several to choose from.

This makes Panera Bread one of the much healthier options available if you're in a rush.

#7 - McDonald's

I know, I know. When you think of healthy McDonald's is generally the last place to come to mind.

However, McDonald's does have several healthier menu items, such as the Egg White Delight designed to meet your macronutrient needs, while still staying in your budget.

#8 - Café Rio

Although they are a fairly smaller chain they have been growing rapidly in recent years. With its selection of customizable salads, burritos, and other Mexican options you can personalize your meal to be as healthy as you want it to be.

The fire-grilled chicken is the best option on the menu with its high protein and low-fat content. If you're in the area be sure to check this restaurant out.

In Closing...

Eating out doesn't always have to mean eating badly. As America's concern for health and wellness increases we will likely see a flood of additional healthy restaurants coming to a city near you.

Most if not all restaurants now list their nutritional content on their websites so it can be simple to plan your order ahead of time without ruining your diet.
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Maryclaire Ojeda - August 7, 2019

I think pollo loco should also be included much before McDonald’s. Also, chipotle might have healthy options, why does it make most of us sick?

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