Top 10 Grocery Store Muscle Building Foods Under $4

Top 10 Grocery Store Muscle Building Foods Under $4

Sometimes the most seemingly simple tasks can become the most complicated. In theory, it may appear to be the least complex task on our plates.

Our ancestors had to hunt, steal, kill, and gather their food on a seemingly never-ending basis. They had to use every bit of their energy to fight for food.

Over the last century, however, people have had the modern-day conveniences of food fresh right at their fingertips. In recent years it has become progressively easier to have food delivered right do our doorsteps without even leaving our sofas.

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However, even though we have every single possible food item available at our disposal people still have difficulty deciphering what is healthy and what they should eat. There are approximately 50,000 items at any given grocery store in America. But the number that you should be consuming should be far less than this number.

There may be 15 different varieties of Chips Ahoy to choose from but that doesn't mean you should buy every single one. Here are some common grocery item pickups that are great additions to your cart or basket.

Muscle Building Foods Under $4

#1 - Chicken Breast

Chicken breasts are a common staple in the diets of professional bodybuilders due to their relatively inexpensive nature, high protein, and low fat count.

While not an absolute necessity you can never go wrong having this in your grocery basket. Approximate price is $2.99 per pound.

#2 - Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a great snack option due to its low calorie and high protein. While the macronutrients will vary from brand to brand it is important to stick to one that is mostly protein and not high in carbs and fats. Throwing a couple of these in daily will make for great snacks. Approximate price is $0.99 per serving

Egg#3 - Eggs

Eggs can be eaten as whole eggs or egg whites. If you are on a diet you may consider more egg whites leaving the yolk out. However, keeping some egg yolks in your diet is a good healthy dietary fat source. Approximate price is $3.99 per dozen

#4 - Rice

Rice is inexpensive, fairly simple to prepare and provides a lot of calories for a very low price. Contrary to popular belief brown rice does not have a vastly different macronutrient profile than white rice. The main difference being the fact that your body may digest the two in a slightly different manner. Approximate price is $3.99 per bag

#5 - Low Calorie Ice Cream

Dieting can sometimes result in bland food options. However, with modern-day scientific technology, there are several healthier options to choose from. Skinny Cow is one brand that makes several different options that all have less than 200 Calories (some less than 100 Calories). Having one of these per day can mentally help provide additional sanity while dieting. Approximate price is $3.99 per 6 pack

#6 - Frozen Vegetables

Not too long ago frozen vegetables were thought of as disgusting, dry, and bland options. However, many options today taste better and more closely resemble their fresh counterparts. While fresh is almost always a better option when time is a factor including some frozen vegetables in your diet is not detrimental to overall health. Approximate price is $2.50 per bag

#7 - Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are one of the best natural unprocessed carb sources around plus they taste great with any meal. Add in some salt and pepper to taste or even some hot sauce to give them a sweet and spicy contrasting flavor. You can never go wrong with these guys plus they are inexpensive as well. Approximate price is $1.99 per bag

#8 - Almonds

People commonly have the misconception that "fats" should not be included as part of their diet. However, fat is a crucial macronutrient that is responsible for hormone balance and plays a role in muscle growth and development. Approximate price is $3.99 per small container

#9 - Ground Turkey

If chicken breast is simply not your thing try adding in ground turkey. Ground turkey is a bit fattier but is a viable option when it comes to meal prep. When it comes to cost ground turkey can often be found at the same price as chicken breast. It is easy to prepare, taking only minutes in a skillet or frying pan. Approximate price is $2.99 per pound

#10 - English Muffins

Normal bread gets boring, repetitive and bland. Packs of 6 English Muffins cost less than a dollar on sale and come in a variety of different flavors. Approximate price is $0.99 per pack.

Eating healthy does not have to be a difficult nor expensive task to comprehend. By simply making the right choices you can keep your diet healthy, satisfying, and inexpensive.

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