Biohacking Morning Ritual For Body and Mind

Biohacking Morning Ritual For Body and Mind

What if we told you we had the prescription for your best day ever, everyday? This is exactly what to do every single day for a mind and body biohacking-boost that will last all day long! We need to accomplish these objectives:

1. Tap into two energy sources, glucose and ketones for a double-action surge of mental and physical power. The brain is 60% fat but its preferred fuel source is glucose. We do not need to deprive ourselves of carbs to obtain ketones (the energy source your body turns to when deprived of carbohydrates) with the breakthrough formula in Ritual-AM featuring the revolutionary goBHB?.

2. Obtain healthy fat from MCTs and the new Clean Cream? to help your body burn more fat and have copious amounts of energy for the boardroom and the weight room!

3. Quickly replenish amino acid pools depleted from a night of sleep with high-quality, grass fed whey protein isolate.

4. Make the protein you eat for the rest of the day more powerful, 2x more powerful to be exact, with the help of the breakthrough Velositol?.

5. Reward yourself with a great tasting coffee drink that is better than what you'd get from the barista at your favorite coffee shop. Healthy habits have been proven to set you up for your best day ever, everyday!

6. Get MOVING! Blood flow will enhance everything and you will be at your peak throughout the day.

Ritual AM by Ambrosia - Perfect Biohacking Morning Ritual

Your New Morning Ritual

So how do we do this? Here is the #morningritual that is your surefire way to dominate both mentally and physically.

Step 1: Drink Ambrosia Ritual-AM as soon as you wake up. Just like your morning coffee, this biohacking breakthrough fulfills all the things you need as mentioned above:
  • goBHB? for Ketone production
  • MCT and Clean Cream? for healthy fats
  • Grass-fed whey protein isolate
  • Velositol? to double the power of your protein
  • PERFECT, barista-quality taste
[caption id="attachment_53204" align="alignright" width="280"]Ritual Click here to order Ambrosia Ritual now.[/caption]

Step 2: Move! We recommend 15-20 minutes of movement after drinking your Ritual-AM shake. Here are some options:

15-20 minutes Pillar Prep. This involves foam rolling and some light stretching. See examples here.

15-20 minutes of light cardio activity like a walk or bike ride. If you are currently doing cardio, this is a good time to do it for whatever time is allotted. If you do over 15-20 minutes of cardio, don't worry about muscle-wasting, Ritual-AM will prevent that and might even enhance fat burn over fasted cardio.

If you?re a morning trainer used to training on an empty stomach, this is a good time to train with just Ritual-AM in your system. If you intake carbs before training, simply add them to your Ritual-AM shake (like MTS Nutrition Carb 10?) or have a banana with it.

10 sets of Goblet Squats or any kind of squat. See my article here on squats everyday.

Step 3: Eat a higher fat meal to help you further feed your brain and body. I have the perfect meal outlined here. If your macro needs are not hip to this kind of higher fat meal, just eat your normal breakfast. Ritual-AM has you covered on your morning needs for fat and well? Everything!

There you have it, the perfect #morningritual for your best body, mind and LIFE ever! Hash tag #morningritual on social media and let us know how you like this high-society biohacking ritual!
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