Save Yourself – The Link Between Health, Vitamin D and Viruses

Save Yourself – The Link Between Health, Vitamin D and Viruses

The flu has a vaccine yet killed over 80,000 people in 2017. (1)

Yes, the flu.

I used to think the flu was nothing, like a cold.

The flu is a cold-blooded killer.

But Vitamin D has been shown to help. From one study:

“The investigators found that daily or weekly supplementation had the greatest benefit for individuals with the most significant vitamin D deficiency (blood levels below 10 mg/dl) — cutting their risk of respiratory infection in half — and that all participants experienced some beneficial effects from regular vitamin D supplementation. Administering occasional high doses of vitamin D did not produce significant benefits.” (2)

Plus, we all know comorbidities (other negative health factors) influence our response to viral infections. These can include obesity-related issues like hypertension.

“Regular exercise plays a starring role in keeping you healthy and preventing illnesses. It strengthens your immune system and helps fight viral and bacterial infections.” (3)

The flu is still there, and killing people like usual, but there is a new virus in town, and it’s a new, novel virus. This virus has killed over 70,000 people in the USA this year.

But is being sedentary and staying indoors the answer? In this non-doctor’s opinion, the data is so clear that even a meathead can discern it.

In hospitals, 85% of those in the ICU from the new virus vs. 57% in floor patients were deficient in Vitamin D. This is a huge discrepancy. When you also look at the flu data, it’s hard not to see a dramatic correlation. (4)

As for comorbidities, according to JAMA,

“The authors found that 94 percent of the patients had a chronic health problem, and 88 percent had two or more. The three most prevalent conditions were hypertension (56.6 percent), obesity (41.7 percent), and diabetes (33.8 percent).” (5)

The one thing I hate about research articles is that they never have solutions. While I am not an “expert” with a triple-PhD from Harvard, I do know how to help you increase Vitamin D, how to lose weight, and how to be healthier. In addition to the other proven strategies to keep you as healthy as possible such as washing your hands frequently and not licking handrails, here are my suggestions for these immediate issues:

  • Get plenty of sunlight! 

Some experts recommend 10-30 minutes of mid-day sunlight multiple times per week. (6) I would suggest as little clothing as possible without getting arrested for indecent exposure.

  • Exercise

Do it outside! Resistance band workouts, walking, hiking, and anything where you MOVE! And I am campaigning hard for gyms to be open – RESISTANCE TRAIN! Lift weights, box, MMA…exercise! This will help fight comorbidities as exercise has been shows to be more important than diet to keep weight off! (7) (But do both)

  • Supplement

To ensure your Vitamin D is high enough, be sure to take 5,000iu of Vitamin D per

Vega-D3™ All-Natural Non-GMO Vitamin D3 5000 IUday. Any quality brand will do, but here is my brand (full disclosure). MTS Nutrition Vega-D3 is vegan-friendly where most others aren’t. Vega-D3 is derived from Lichens, a renewable vegan source. Most Vitamin-D3 is derived from sheep’s wool grease. Get it here:

We all want to live as long as possible with a high quality of life. These are some simple adjustments you can make today to live your best life ever!

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