Microdosing Testosterone to Optimize TRT | How to Backload an Insulin Syringe

Microdosing Testosterone to Optimize TRT | How to Backload an Insulin Syringe

TRT, or testosterone replacement therapy, is when exogenous (not naturally produced) testosterone is administered via injection, cream, pellet, or other delivery method to treat low testosterone levels cause by age or a medical condition. Many men are on some form of TRT and it has helped many men optimize or even save their lives.

I have been a personal recipient of TRT when diagnosed with low testosterone in my late 20s and it has improved my quality of life greatly. TRT must be prescribed by a doctor and your health monitored as with any therapy or treatment. 

The frequency of testosterone injections has become a point of contentious debate.

Testosterone Cypionate it the most prescribed for of testosterone for injection and has a long half-life of 16 days. Therefore you will see doctors prescribe this and recommend injections every two weeks. While this is easier on the user for timing, the bolus of testosterone in the injection can lead to site soreness and some potential side effects.

The testosterone peaks and valleys can cause tremendous shift in your mood and performance. The first couple of days after the shot, you will probably feel amazing! Libido increased, mood elevated and performance on fire! Then as days pass and the testosterone dissipates, you will start to feel like crap. Then you inject, feel great, then feel bad. Then repeat. 

What a horrible way to live!

Microdosing would be done every day or every other day. You can inject intramuscular or subcutaneous. Subcutaneous is the fatty area under the skin above the muscle and since it is such a small amount, it won’t be an issue. The difference is subcutaneous will disperse slower because there are a lot of blood vessels intramuscular leading to a fast absorption while subcutaneous takes a lot longer to break down and is metabolized, then comes back to the liver, then excreted…. it’s a long process.

Since it is injected so frequently, doing it intramuscular or subcutaneous is a personal preference. I prefer intramuscular.

By having less spikes and valleys in your testosterone levels, this will also help keep your estrogen levels lower due to less of a concurrent spike. When testosterone rises, estrogen rises concurrently. By minimizing the spike, this can eliminate the need for estrogen blockers like Anastrozole and lessen the chances of side effects like gyno (man-boobs). 

How to backload an insulin pin:

  1. CLEAN EVERYTHING with rubbing alcohol
  2. Draw desired testosterone amount into 19 gauge needle, for me that’s .2cc
  3. Pull the plunger out of the insulin pin
  4. BACKLOAD the testosterone
  5. Place the plunger back into the insulin pin
  6. Place the insulin pin in hot water or under running hot water for 2 minutes
  7. Take out of water and make sure all air is out of the pin
  8. CLEAN injection site with rubbing alcohol
  9. Inject slowly
  10. Clean injection site with rubbing alcohol

If you are a TRT patient, TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR ABOUT IT. If not, might I suggest a great doctor, the one I use – https://hhwpalmbeach.com/pages/contact-us .

When taking TRT, I recommend taking an organ and overall health supplement to make sure everything is on point and optimized. Take Ambrosia Nektar – NOTHING COMPARES!

Let me know your thoughts on this – health is everything!

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