Delta-9 – Legal Limit Hemp-derived THC with Tremendous Health Benefits?

Delta-9 – Legal Limit Hemp-derived THC with Tremendous Health Benefits?

I’m 42 years old, coach multiple hours a day, train as a pro bodybuilder and sit at a desk the remainder of the day managing multiple 7-figure businesses. I take my Machine Motion for Joint Care, Machine Sleep Aid for restful sleep, but sometimes even those could use a little extra for what I put my mind and body through. 

My good friend Beano Wallace is a Co-Founder and owner of an Indoor Hemp Cultivation and Cannabis canning company. He gave me some Delta-9 Legal Limit Hemp-derived THC Gummies with 10mg of THC and 75mg CBD per gummy. While I have manufactured and sold isolated CBD, I had never tried any THC products, so I had no idea what to expect. 

The first night I took it, I only took half of a gummy and slept deep. When I say deep, it was during a time of tremendous stress in the middle of due diligence for one of my brands, coaching and managing all my businesses. I was having trouble with my mind racing 100 miles per hour, not falling asleep or even staying asleep but being able to sleep over five to six hours. That night I slept eight solid hours and woke up refreshed, not groggy or hungover. 

Also, with the amount of muscle mass I have, oftentimes if I lay wrong my muscles will ache and disturb my sleep. When taking Delta-9, I don’t have these issues as much. They still happen, but to a lesser degree.

Admittedly, I didn’t do much research before taking these and took Beano’s word for it but after this experience I dove headfirst into researching Delta-9 and found out a lot of cool things, and health benefits about it. Here are some things that might interest you:

  1. Delta-9 can help you fall asleep faster. Recent studies demonstrate that people who had little trouble sleeping fell asleep 30 minutes faster and those with sleeping issues fell asleep 15 minutes faster when taking Delta-9 – this is HUGE because over the course of a week that is 3.5 hours EXTRA sleep! (1)
  2. In one study, Delta-9 Hemp-derived THC treatment led to a significant reduction in pain intensity. Noteworthy, this effect could be observed when a mean daily dose of 7.5 mg THC was administered. This dosage shows high acceptance and efficacy. (2) 
  3. Due to the pain mitigation, quality of life was improved! (3)
  4. Delta-9 can help you handle stress better. “Our findings suggest that a low dose of THC produces subjective stress-relieving effects in line with those commonly reported among cannabis users, but that higher doses may non-specifically increase negative mood.”

If you notice the data presented, the more you take, the more side effects. I found this out the hard way.

One time I thought Beano’s Nick’s Nugs branded Delta-9 Gummy was a zinc gummy, so I popped it in my mouth and started chewing it. I noticed it wasn’t the zinc gummy but whatever; I was going to go to sleep anyway, so let it rock. It hit me so hard that I almost was too intoxicated to brush my teeth, and I slept for nine hours and then had trouble waking up. It was SO INTENSE! But when I take half of a gummy, and I haven’t increased this in almost a year of taking them, I am PERFECT. Thus, as the above-mentioned study mentioned 7.5mg, I personally recommend 5mg or less but, of course, consult with your doctor!

The more I research, the more I realize that source is everything. Luckily, I know my grower and you can get Beano’s products, Nick’s Nugs, and Hámarki CBD at Or you can now visit them in person at their  new retail space in Knoxville, TN. I don’t get a commission, but my bro gave me a coupon code, “Lobliner20” so that you can save cash IF you think Delta-9 is right for you.

While I don’t sell a Delta-9 supplement, it is my duty as a health and fitness guy to be honest about things that might help you. Please DM me at @marclobliner on Instagram and let me know if you tried this and what you thought!




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