Army Vet Cory Sanden Was Shocked to Hit 300 Pounds

Army Vet Cory Sanden Was Shocked to Hit 300 Pounds

  • Name: Cory Sanden
  • Age: 42
  • Starting Weight: 300+
  • Ending Weight: 236
  • Transformation Starting Date: November 2016
  • Transformation Ending Date: Ongoing
  • Instagram: corysandencpt

Before Cory's Transformation

My life before my transformation consisted of so many positive things including having an amazingly beautiful and supportive wife, two awesome girls that I cared for every day as a full-time stay at home dad and tremendous family and friends. The major missing piece was my personal health and how it had spiraled out of control. 

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Being a former athlete in high school, college, semi-pro and a 10 year Army veteran, I took things for granted at a younger age because I was more active and health-conscious. As the years went by my self-discipline had fallen off completely.

The Moment Cory's Life Changed

The day I weighed myself and hit the 300lb plus range really hit me hard. I had for the majority of my adult life stayed comfortable and healthy in the 220-230lb range. Seeing the three instead of a two as the first number was alarming and surreal!

Cory's Diet and Workout Approach

My initial fitness approach was resistance training with dumbbells and barbells at home. The results were slow and steady, but reassuring. Progressive overloading with changes in routine every 4-6 weeks to keep my body from adapting.

The diet was lower carb, high protein, moderate fat.

Over the few years of my transformation, I’ve tried cycling both nutrition and exercise plans. Mainly bodyweight HIIT for cardio, push/pull/legs splits for resistance and currently my nutritional plan is based on shortened eating windows to control total calorie intake.

What Struggles Did You Face?

The struggles consisted of food temptations from social gatherings, friends, families. An upper cervical bulging disc left me unable to workouts for a few months and thankfully has subsided.

Most Important Thing You Learned?

The most important thing I learned was you have to change your mindset for your body to follow suit. I no longer implemented “cheat days” or weekends. Instead, I just enjoyed life and meals that were not on my nutritional plan. Progress over perfection!

Biggest Mistake?

Biggest mistakes were taking time off and not being consistent with the nutritional plan. I would think that my food intake would have to be perfect and if it wasn’t then I would say the heck with it and fall off.

Searching for the “best” workout plans and “best” fat loss meal plans wasted a lot of time instead of just starting simple and then make adjustments!

A Typical Day of Eating

A typical day of eating is usually fasting until after my workout (noon). Eating my first meal of the day post-workout with an MTS Machine Whey shake or “sludge.” Then eating 8-10 oz of protein, 2 cups veggies, 4-6oz quality carbs and some healthy fats.

I usually eat a snack within an hour of my meal (protein bar) and then fast until the next day after my workout again. One gallon of water a day is a staple.
BCAAs for intra-workout is my favorite supplement to use.

    Words of Encouragement

    Don’t be afraid to try various methods of both exercise and nutritional protocols. Set short and long term goals. Develop a never quit attitude by overcoming obstacles and fears of failure! Embrace the journey and trust the process!

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