5 TikTok Fitness Trends You Need to Look Out for in 2023

5 TikTok Fitness Trends You Need to Look Out for in 2023

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms, with over a billion active users. You can find videos about anything on there, especially fitness. Each year, there are hundreds of new fitness trends on TikTok that users go crazy about. While some are nothing more than a joke, some helpful fitness content on the app will dfinitely help get you into shape.

How To Tell the Good TikTok Fitness Influencers From the Bad

Before you dive headfirst into any TikTok fitness trend, it's very important to know if it's legit health advice or something that could potentially harm you. The first thing you should look for is who originated the trend you're interested in and if they have any sort of fitness background. They should have experience in personal training, sports medicine, physical therapy, or similar fields. A high follower count doesn't always mean they are experts on the subject, either. They could present themselves well or just be attractive. 

Bad TikTok fitness influencers are something you need to key an eye out for. They may have no formal experience in what they are trying to teach. Bad advice can cause potential harm to your body, especially if it's something they made up, thinking it'll be the next big trend. You also want to avoid influencers that focus solely on selling or promoting products more than the workout itself.

TikTok Fitness Trends in 2023

These are some of the most popular fitness trends you'll find on TikTok in 2023. Depending on your fitness goals, one or more of these trends may work well for you.

1. The 75 Hard Challenge

The 75 Hard Challenge is a serious program that requires both fitness and lifestyle commitments. If you decide to do this challenge, you have to complete two 45-minute workouts every day, one of which has to be outdoors. You don't get any rest days or cheat meals like in the 75 Soft Challenge. You also increase your water intake from 3 liters to a gallon. Otherwise, you just have to take daily progress photos.

  • Why You Should Do It — If you want to see a drastic boost in your mental fortitude along with your fitness levels, this is the program for you. If you finish this program, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

2. The 75 Soft Challenge

The 75 Soft Challenge is a toned-down version of the 75 Hard Challenge. In this challenge, you work out for 45 minutes a day for 75 total days. You have one day you can use in those 75 days for active recovery. You must try to eat as healthy as possible and only drink alcohol socially. You should drink at least three liters of water every day and read at least 10 pages of a book, preferably a self-improvement book. 

  • Why You Should Do It — This challenge puts you in a serious routine that requires time management and prioritization. Committing to this program will show you serious results in your physique and overall physical and mental health. If you can commit to 75 days, you can commit to a lifetime of fitness.  

3. Adult Ballet

Adult ballet is growing in popularity across the country — and if you check on TikTok, you'll see why. Actually, a fashion trend called balletcore recently propelled ballet back into popularity. Balletcore mostly involves celebrities turning ballet clothing into fashion accessories. But this fashion trend did wonders in inspiring people to sign up for dance classes at their local ballet studios. Want to try a new fitness trend? Get in on ballet while it's hot!

  • Why You Should Do It — Ballet is both a mind and body workout. It takes mental agility to learn all of the movements of a routine and a surprising amount of physical strength and endurance to pull it all off. As a result, you'll become more flexible, have stronger muscles, increase bone strength, improve balance, and even boost endurance. 

4. VR Fitness

As virtual worlds like the Metaverse start to take off, so do new trends in virtual health and fitness. All you need is a virtual reality (VR) headset, and you can access fitness resources like group classes, health and wellness conferences, and remote fitness competitions. If you check out some TikTok videos of this trend, you'll see how much fun everyone has with the almost endless options of fitness games. 

  • Why You Should Do It — If you are stuck at home or don't have access to a nearby gym or fitness class, this can be quite helpful. You can get some much-needed social interaction while working out in a virtual group setting. It also gamifies the fitness experience, which can always help if you don't like traditional exercise.

5. The Deadlift Challenge

The deadlift challenge is gaining popularity in 2023, with over 130 million views. The challenge is just what you would expect, to see who can deadlift the most. The goal of the challenge is to compete against friends or other TikTok users to see who can move more weight. You can either call someone out to hit a specific weight or take turns adding more and more weight until a winner emerges. 

  • Why You Should Do It — Deadlifts are one of the big three powerlifting lifts, and for good reason. This compound movement works everything from your legs, hip extensors, lower back, upper back, and core. It is one of the best exercises for increasing overall body strength, improving bone density, and boosting jump height. Plus, it's always fun challenging your friends to a friendly competition. 

Get Fit with These 2023 TikTok Fitness Trends

No matter which TikTok fitness trends you decide to try out in 2023, make sure they are from a trusted influencer before you start. You don't want to start your fitness journey with bad advice. You can be sure to get helpful fitness advice from TigerFitness.com. We have workout plans tailored to specific goals along with anything else you need to reach them, like supplements, accessories, and workout gear.

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