4 Viral TikTok Fitness Challenges You'll Want to Try

4 Viral TikTok Fitness Challenges You'll Want to Try

A good fitness challenge gives you the chance to set new workout goals. TikTok has become home to countless fitness coaches and influencers, which means you can access a larger community at home on your phone than in any physical gym. 

Looking to have more fun getting in shape? From challenging exercises you can do anywhere to impressive duet routines, we've got you covered. Here are the most worthwhile TikTok fitness challenges we found:

1. The #PlankChallenge

Bored of holding planks for as long as you can? TikTok's #PlankChallenge is a series of movements that show off just how many plank variations are out there. It also gives you something to do with a friend because the routine requires a partner. It goes with the audio "#PlankChallenge - bing bong" and takes core strength to hit all the moves on beat without losing your balance. Here's how you do it:

  1. Lined up next to your partner shoulder to shoulder, start in a high plank position with your palms and the balls of your feet on the floor. Your shoulders should be directly over your shoulders and your back should make a straight line with your tailbone. 
  2. Drop to a low plank position by placing one elbow on the floor at a time. Return to your original plank by replacing the elbow you just put down with your palm and repeat with your other arm. 
  3. Do two plank jacks. These are performed by keeping your arms firmly straight while you jump your feet apart then together like they're doing two jumping jacks.
  4. Lift the palm closest to your partner and touch your opposite shoulder while keeping the rest of your plank the same. Replace your palm on the floor.
  5. Lift your palm that is furthest from your partner and use it to give them a hi-five.
  6. Now one partner tucks an elbow under them to roll on the floor towards their partner, switching places with them. At the same time, the opposite partner does a "plyo plank," exploding upwards and toward their partner to replace their spot.
  7. Switch places a second time so that both partners can try the plyo plank. 

2. The Dragon Flag Hold Challenge

When you have this move down, it looks super impressive. It's a difficult one, but you can break it down into progressions  and build rock-solid abs along the way. The dragon flag hold is done laying with your back on a bench lifting your entire lower body and trunk off the ground using core strength and your arms holding a bench for support. You lift your entire lower body and the middle of your back at the same time, keeping a flat back as you come up onto your shoulders.

  1. To start, practice a simple leg lift. Hold the bench with your hands above your head and squeeze your lower abs to control your legs all the way down while keeping them together and straight. 
  2. The next progression is to pop up onto your shoulders with your legs lifted so that you're using your abs to lift your butt off the floor. Lower your butt and slowly lower your legs back down.
  3. The final progression before the full-on dragon flag hold is called the "dragon flag negative." Lift your legs like for a leg lift, but keep them in the air as you lift your butt and lower back off the floor. To complete the rep, bring everything to your original position on the ground in a fell swoop as you would to finish a full dragon flag hold. 

Once you have the full move down, be sure to get a good video for TikTok and use #dragonflagchallenge in your title! 

3. #Speed Challenges

TikTok's trendy speed challenges involve intense indoor cardio activities you can do with little space and no equipment. They require explosive power, which helps you build muscles in the process. You'll also need to use the sound "Muhammad - Nofil Sandhu." 


Throw a small but explosive jab with your right hand, then your left, and repeat continuously, picking up speed with the beat. Aim to hit each punch in sync with the bursts of sound.


Run in place with high knees to the sound. As the tempo picks up, accelerate your running speed, trying to switch your feet on each beat. See how you look on video when the tempo reaches its max! Your #speedrun improves with practice as you gain explosive power in your legs.

4. The #OneHandTwoHandChallenge

The #OneHandTwoHandChallenge is another plank routine, but it's inspired by the dance version of the trend. You can do it without a partner, and there's no jump. Like the dance, this mini plank workout is done to the sound of "Hit Yo Rollie," hitting each movement at tempo.

  1. Beginning in a high plank position, tuck one knee to your chest at a time to complete one mountain climber. Repeat with each leg to do another mountain climber.
  2. Lift one leg then the other while keeping your core and upper body firmly in plank position. 
  3. Do another mountain climber by tucking one knee to your chest at a time in plank position.
  4. Touch your right palm to your left shoulder, then touch your left palm to your right shoulder. 
  5. Replace your right palm with your right forearm, then replace your left palm with your left forearm, so that you're in a low plank. Replace your left forearm and your right to return to a high plank.
  6. Walk your hands backward toward your feet and then back out into a high plank.
  7. Drop both forearms to the ground at the same time land in a low plank. Dip your hips to the right and the left to finish the routine on the beat.

Top TikTok Fitness Challenges

For new fitness ideas online, look no further than TikTok challenges. Supplementing your normal fitness routine with challenges others are doing can add fun and motivate you to push yourself harder. When you nail these, you get results while looking awesome and getting encouragement on social media. Happy training!

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