The World's First Naked Gym - By Youtube's Langers & Nash

The World's First Naked Gym - By Youtube's Langers & Nash

Leave it up to YouTubers to come up with a concept so out-there that it conjures up mental images of bouncing boobies and naked old guys doing pushups; their saggy scrotums hitting the floor with each rep.

The concept it now a reality.

YouTubers Byron Langley and Thomas Willows came up with the concept. One day while training, Byron?s tank top became ?too constricting and hot.? Whatever the reason, this is something that needs to be discussed.

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First, let's go over the upsides from the male perspective:
  1. You get to be free. This is ?going commando? on steroids. While flopping around in your shorts used to be the bee?s knees, this takes it to a whole new level. Now not only will it flop around when running or jumping, it can potentially flop up and slap you in the stomach. ?It? being your penis. Not sure if this is a good thing, but it is probably liberating.
  2. You get to see other people naked. This is a downside for this gym as well, and I will get to that later.
  3. The days of sweat-drenched clothing are over!
  4. If well-endowed, your ALPHA status will assert itself regardless of muscle size.
And the downsides:
  1. When you do anything face down, your junk will touch the bench or floor. The hygiene factors are an issue for me here.
  2. There is only ONE female member there, it's all dudes. That sounds like one big sausage-fest to me. So unless you?re gay (not that there's anything wrong with that) or that one chick, it might look be a bit weird for you.
  3. Without clothing to catch it, sweat will just drip off of you, leaving a nasty snail trail.
  4. If you deadlift, the bar might scrape up your junk.
  5. If you have a small penis, game over.
Here are some other things to ponder:
  • Is it a true full squat if your junk hits the floor?
  • When spotting on the bench press, is tea-bagging expected?
  • If you do a burpee, is there a fertility risk?
  • What if you get a spontaneous erection? Do you ?handle it? or do you just train around it?
  • Weightlifting belts and equipment, are these allowed? Would knee wraps, a belt and no pants look funky?

My Thoughts on the Naked Gym

I LOVE THIS! This is the equivalent of a Metroflex moving in across the street from a Planet Fitness.

Gyms have been dumbed down, with women training in separate rooms and men NOT being allowed to wear tank tops so you do not make beta-males and females uncomfortable. The body is a thing to celebrate and while I prefer to have my testicles in a pair of undies while training, that doesn't mean that I would be upset if I saw some balls or boobies during a workout.

More power to them! But, I will stay at my gym, Terry Bryan?s TigerFitness, where nudity is optional.

How to Contact and Train Here

The gym is in South Africa. The Youtube channel for the gym can be found here. If you go, let us know your experience there. Because training with your balls hanging out, that's not a game!
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jeff gray - January 11, 2019

for the most part, think this is a terrible idea, except for the one random hot chick here and there.

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