Why Versa Gripps Belong in Your Gym Bag

Why Versa Gripps Belong in Your Gym Bag

Versa Gripps are an outstanding product that belongs in every weightlifter's gym bag. I use and recommend them to everyone that will listen because they have numerous ways to increase the quality of your training and improve results.

I initially used Versa Gripps as an upgrade from hooks and straps as a way to continue moving the iron. I was told my weight lifting days were over after a hand surgery left me without the ability to grip anything over 20 pounds. They allowed me to continue lifting and the benefits of Versa Gripps have made them a permanent part of my training long after my hand has healed.

Incorporating the use of Versa Gripps into your training instantly changes your training and improves your chances of success in the gym. Versa Gripps are worn around the wrists and increase your ability to hold the weight but they do not belong in the same class of equipment as standard straps. Here are 4 important reasons why Versa Grips belong in your gym bag and some additional benefits you may also enjoy.

4 Reasons Why Versa Gripps Belong in Your Gym Bag

#1 - Increase the Weight Lifted for Maximum Results

Versa Gripps allow you to use heavier weights when training by reducing your dependence on both grip strength and endurance from the exercise.

Exercises such as bent barbell rows, dumbbell rows, deadlifts and shrugs require heavy weights and hard work for successful results, especially when training with high repetitions. Forearm strength is important but the focus of the above exercises is on various back muscles and not the strength of your grip. The sets often end when the weight can no longer be held instead of when the targeted muscles are fatigued and this reduces the effectiveness of the exercises.

Versa Gripps permit you to exercise your targeted muscles more intensely by allowing you to stay connected to the bar without your grip fatiguing before the larger muscle groups you are really targeting. Increasing the weight used and/or the repetitions performed forces the muscles to work harder and grow larger.

#2 - Improve Form and Mind Muscle Connection

Attaching yourself to the bar and removing grip fatigue from the equation allows you to focus on the mind-muscle connection. This improves your form by allowing you to concentrate on proper movements to maximize the exercise.

Each of the numerous rowing and lat pull down exercises can be improved with the use of Verse Gripps. Utilizing Versa Gripps with these exercises allows you to properly concentrate on form and driving your elbows back.

Results are maximized when you are able to squeeze those muscles and Versa Gripps eliminates the concern that you might let go of the bar if your grip wears out before the muscles you want to exercise do. The ability to instantly release yourself from a bar by opening your fingers also makes Versa Gripps an excellent training tool with pull-ups and chin-ups.

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#3 - Quality and Comfortable Choices Designed to Fit and Perform

Versa Gripps are worn around your wrists, allowing you to connect your arms to the bar while reducing the stress placed on your hand and wrist. Unlike conventional straps, Versa Gripps have been designed to perform this task in a comfortable way without causing injury to the bones, tendons and nerves in the hand and wrists.

Conventional straps can cause injury with heavy weights as they tightly squeeze around the wrists throughout the exercises. Versa Gripps were designed with a comfortable pad that wraps around your wrist, creating both comfort and wrist support during use.

The griping portion of the Versa Gripps are made to accurately meet your fingers as they meet; there is a grip for your right hand and another for your left hand. These are not a "one size fits all" product, there are three different models of Versa Gripps to choose from ? the Fit, Classic and Pro Series.

The Fit Series is designed for those with smaller wrists and the strap that goes around the wrists in narrower than on the Classic and Pro Series. The Fit is a scaled down version of the Pro Series with the gripping portion slightly narrower than on the Classic or the Pro models.

Both the Classic and Pro models have wider gripping portions, with the Pro model being a little longer. The gripping portion of the Pro model is also double reinforced for additional strength and durability. Each model comes in multiple sizes to properly fit various wrist sizes.

#4 - Incredibly Easy to Use

Versa Gripps couldn?t be easier to use. An impressive design feature with Versa Gripps is the way the gripping material holds the bar during lifts that reduces set up time for exercises and allows the user to let go of the bar with ease. Conventional straps need to be completely wrapped around the bar and are more difficult to disengage should the need arise.

The gripping portion of the Versa Grips is flexible yet firm and self-supporting so you can grab it with ease. This allows you to attach yourself to the bar quickly and without effort because the material will always be in the proper position and does not need to be wrapped all the way around the bar.

Simply bring your hands to the bar, allow the gripping material to go the opposite way around the bar as your fingers, then place the end of the Versa Gripps between the bar and your fingers and you are ready to lift. Letting go of the bar could not be any easier as you simply let go by extending your fingers and opening your hand.

Additional Benefits

Versa Gripps have the ability to reduce calluses by keeping your fingers out of direct contact with the bar on various exercises. This may eliminate or reduce the need for gloves with some users. The strap that goes around your wrists is padded and adds support, reducing the need for wrist support.

You can still wear gloves and/or wrist supports under Versa Gripps if you want. Versa Gripps can increase your grip strength by aiding your grip with heavy loads, increasing your natural grip strength in the process. Obviously you will be able to hold more weight while using Versa Gripps but your natural grip strength will increase with use as you progressively lift heavier weights.

Versa Gripps have the ability to improve your training and your body. They are common in the gyms and with a variety of professional athletes including bodybuilders, powerlifters and Olympia athletes. Take your workouts to the next level by adding a pair of Versa Gripps to your training arsenal today.
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