Transformation: Tyler Rogers Bulks Up to 185!

Transformation: Tyler Rogers Bulks Up to 185!

Transformation Stats

Notes: I had Hyperthyroidism which was my cause of low weight.

What Was Your Life Like Before Your Transformation?

Small and out of shape. I had to get healthy again and look good for myself, wife and kids

What Were Your Major Struggles or Challenges?

Nutrition was very complicated at first.
Tyler Transforms

Detail Your Workout and Cardio Plan During Your Transformation

Every day I worked out. Avoided cardio at first. Once I gained weight I threw it into my routine

Detail Your Diet/Eating Plan During Your Transformation

High protein. Carb cycling and meal timing were big, key factors.

Detail Your Supplement Plan During Your Transformation
What Was Your Major Accomplishment, or Major Milestones?

Development of muscles that were not visible. Lifting weight for high reps that I struggled to get before. Helping others to do the right thing. For example, using a full range of motion.

Detail Your 3 Biggest Mistakes
  1. Not eating enough.
  2. Not listening to my body when it ached.
  3. Rest was needed to grow
Biggest Things You Learned During Your Transformation?
  1. Don't cheat reps.
  2. Post-workout meals play a huge role in the growth and the power of my session.
Final Words of Advice for Others Looking to Make a Change?

Create your own workout regime that fits you and your lifestyle. Take from everyone and make it your own.

I share my photos in my story because people have so much doubt and don't believe in themselves. It's ok to fail. That's what makes you better. Everyone started somewhere and it's never too late.
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jeff gray - January 11, 2019

be sure to get enough rest, that was one of my faults for a long time, not enough recovery.

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