Transformation: Steven Smith Sheds an Amazing 143 Pounds!

Transformation: Steven Smith Sheds an Amazing 143 Pounds!

Transformation Stats

What Was Your Life Like Before Your Transformation?

Life before my transformation was tough. I was bullied for my weight and struggled socially to adapt. I looked in the mirror one night before going to bed and decided I was making a change and going to go full force to do so.

The turning point of my transformation was when I began to feel abs under the fat. Plus, along with that I was able to actually see muscle while working out when I had a pump.

What Were Your Major Struggles or Challenges?

The struggles were having such a low motivation from all of my peers at the time, telling me I would never amount to anything. I also struggled seeing others around me who were already in shape.
Body Transformation

Detail Your Workout and Cardio Plan During Your Transformation

My workout plan was strict. I worked out seven days a week with cardio also being seven days a week. I tried mostly all the split types but the one I grew interested in the most was one muscle group per day.

Detail Your Diet/Eating Plan During Your Transformation

Diet was strict. I was eating under 2000 calories per day which allowed fast weight loss. I still was not eating healthy or tracking macros. About a year into my diet I started tracking and this allowed me to dial in my body more bringing me to my current physique.

Detail Your Supplement Plan During Your Transformation

For the first 2 and a half years of training I never touched a supplement.

What Was Your Major Accomplishment, or Major Milestones?

My major accomplishment was when I achieved my goal to obtain a shredded summer
physique. But, as future goals go, I would like to compete in some type of show.

Detail Your 3 Biggest Mistakes
  1. Lowering calories too fast.
  2. Training more than my body could handle.
  3. Trying to move more weight than I was able to.
3 Biggest Things You Learned During Your Transformation?
  1. Discipline.
  2. Nutritional experience.
  3. Human anatomy.
Final Words of Advice for Others Looking to Make a Change?

For those who are starting at a very high weight looking to lose a large amount, start gradually and do not cut too fast, as it can hurt you more than help you.

If you're going through a struggle trying to change your life around and get fit, take it one day at a time. This is not something that happens overnight and you will come to reach success.
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