Transformation: Cody Martin Changes His Body Composition

Transformation: Cody Martin Changes His Body Composition

Transformation Stats
20% body fat
12% body fat
Cmart Fitness

Note: I have went multiple sizes down in my waist and shirt sizes! Also, because of my transformation I was given the opportunity to be an iSatori affiliated athlete!

What Was Your Life Like Before Your Transformation?

Before my transformation, I was not very happy at all. After high school, I went through the initial stage of not being an athlete anymore, but after my first semester of college I really took it too far.

I was a high school basketball player and I would usually weigh in around 200-210 pounds during the season, and I returned from my first semester weighing in at 260 pounds. I was still lifting, but the college lifestyle has hindered all progress.

When I came home for winter break and I was seeing family and friends again, I knew something wasn't right. Seeing pictures of myself in high school and what I had done to myself just lit a fire under me. I went back to college on a mission.
Cody Transforms

What Were Your Major Struggles or Challenges?

Some of my major struggles at first was living on campus. Really only being able to use the cafe on campus was super hard to make healthy choices. The variety was not there. After I moved into an apartment with my friends, cooking for myself was much easier.

Detail Your Workout and Cardio Plan During Your Transformation

My split is chest and tri, shoulders and traps, back and biceps, and legs. I use cardio where I need, mostly steady state post-workout for 20 minutes. Mostly, I just lift as hard as I can and get the calorie burning done during my weight training session.

For the past 2 years, I have set aside 12 to 8 weeks to train for a local powerlifting meet. Power is not my main goal, but having something to train for is such a strong feeling! But after the meet is over, I go back to my bodybuilding split. Bodybuilding is where I see myself change the most!

Detail Your Diet/Eating Plan During Your Transformation

My eating plan is really simple. On a perfect day, I wake up and train fasted. Then I finish my workout with 40-50 grams of whey, and then shortly after I eat my first meal. I keep my meals to a protein source (mostly chicken) and a solid carb source (potatoes are my favorite!) I try and keep it simple!

Detail Your Supplement Plan During Your Transformation
Cody MartinI have been a Marc fan for some time now, and I always loved his supplement reviews. During my transformation, whey protein post-workout was a staple. After seeing his review on iSatori Bio-Gro, I bought my first tub.

iSatori saw my transformation photo and now I am affiliated with them! I use one of their 2 pre-workouts before training, Pre-Gro or ISYMFS, Bio-Gro post-workout with my protein, and Amino Amp during my training!

What Was Your Major Accomplishment, or Major Milestones?

Becoming affiliated with iSatori is for sure number one, but also competing in powerlifting was a huge accomplishment. I have competed 2 years in a row, and my total went up over 100 pounds this year!

Also inspiring others is what really makes me feel accomplished. I am finishing my senior year at The University of Indianapolis where I am interning at the CityWay YMCA in downtown Indy. I am a wellness coach there so getting to help people in their journey means the world to me!

Detail Your 3 Biggest Mistakes
  1. Taking the advice from professional bodybuilders. When I went to school and had the cafeteria at my disposal, I tried to just get as big as I possibly could. I guess you could say I succeeded, but it was not the right kind of big at all.
  2. Worrying about nutrient timing. I used to worry so much about when to take supplements and eat. I have adopted the IIFYM lifestyle it has helped me so much. Obviously I still eat healthy, whole foods as much as possible, but not stressing over the little things has helped a ton!
  3. Avoiding cardio. I was one to say things like "cardio will kill your gains," but in reality your body is much smarter than you are. Cardio is just another tool to help you transform! Once I started to add cardio in where I needed it, I could notice a huge difference.
3 Biggest Things You Learned During Your Transformation?
  1. Keep it simple. After taking anatomy and physiology in college, I really learned that the body is much smarter than you are. Don't over complicate it.
  2. Overtraining is CRAP. I am a 22-year-old natural lifter, and I workout 6-7 times a week. If you take care of yourself with proper sleep, nutrition, and supplementation, you will be just fine.
  3. Avoid the cookie cutter programs. In my opinion, just following programs put together by someone else is awesome for beginners, but at some point you have to learn what works for you. Experiment with new exercises, rest times, supersets, and keep it fun! You will stick to it if you are truly having fun.
Final Words of Advice for Others Looking to Make a Change?

My final advice for others looking to make a change is to first, make a plan. If you are a beginner, find a solid nutrition plan, workout program, and just start. I find that people always are waiting for the "right" time. Don't wait until next Monday, next month or next year,

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great job, results are awesome!

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