Transformation: Charlie Crabtree Destroys a 171 Pound Weight Loss!

Transformation: Charlie Crabtree Destroys a 171 Pound Weight Loss!

Transformation Stats

I'm still in the process of losing weight after a 24 week reverse diet. I plan to continue cutting down until my goal of 187lbs (200lbs lost) reached.

What Was Your Life Like Before Your Transformation?

Before my transformation I was a very negative person who lacked any ambition whatsoever. I flunked out of college due to partying because I never aspired to have better. My self-esteem was at an all time low, and I would make jokes about my weight to seem secure about it, when
really it was the biggest hindrance to any personal growth.

My turning point was almost like that of a revelation. I woke up on the morning of April 17th and just stared into the mirror for close to 30 minutes. It was at that point I realized that if I didn't change, if I didn't at least make an effort, that my life was halfway over.

Heart disease, diabetes, and a multitude of other diseases run rampant in my family. I was setting myself up to have a short and very unfulfilled life if I didn't make a change.

What Were Your Major Struggles or Challenges?

My biggest struggle was the learning curve that comes with trying to cut weight. I was clueless to a point of it being comedic. I had no idea how to eat properly or train properly. I had the determination and the willpower, but I lacked the knowledge of how to get it done.
Charlie Crabtree

Detail Your Workout and Cardio Plan During Your Transformation

I've always enjoyed lifting, even though I wasn't always the most knowledgeable. The duration of my initial weight loss cut was based around a 5 day split of chest and biceps, back and triceps, legs, shoulders and another leg day, with abdominal work daily and 20-30 minutes of cardio daily.

As I started learning, I put more emphasis on super setting and dropsetting movements and do hypertrophy range reps to keep my heart rate elevated throughout my daily training session.

Detail Your Diet/Eating Plan During Your Transformation

During my cut and still to this day I would consider myself to be an advocate of IIFYM, but with bro diet tendencies (much like The Machine himself). I kept my macros low, 200g protein, 72g fat, and 90g carbohydrates throughout the majority of my cut.

However, the majority of my intake consisted of nutrient dense foods, such as whole wheats,
steamed veggies, egg whites, and grilled chicken.

Detail Your Supplement Plan During Your Transformation

My use of supplements has always been fairly simple. A pre-workout (War Juice and MTS clash being my top 2 preferences), whey protein (MTS Machine Whey is always in my gym bag), and BCAA's (Dymatize 20/20 has always been a favorite).

However once Vasky was released it was quickly added into my supplement line and hasn't left since

What Was Your Major Accomplishment, or Major Milestones?

My biggest accomplishment was losing 171lbs in the first year of my transformation, and doing so without utilizing surgery or other techniques to get there. The fact that it was purely hard work, and strong willpower gave me a sense of accomplishment because I did it
all myself.

Detail Your Biggest Mistakes

My biggest mistake was allowing myself to get as big as I did in the first place, but I feel like that would be anyone's answer if they're being completely honest.

Looking at the scale too frequently and putting too much emphasis on numbers instead of looks and feelings and knowing my body. Those numbers can get you in trouble, and break you down if you let them get to you.

Starting out at too low of an intake was another big mistake. I lost weight while doing this of course, because my calories out were greater than my calories in, but because in the beginning I was still learning, I set my daily limit too low and it cost me some some muscle mass off the bat.

3 Biggest Things You Learned During Your Transformation?
  1. I learned about myself more than anything. I learned what I was capable of mentally and physically.
  2. I learned how to properly train and to use weightlifting instead of just cardio to shed the pounds.
  3. I learned confidence. I learned to be proud of myself and to have self worth, all things I lacked previously.
Final Words of Advice for Others Looking to Make a Change?

Stick with it. No matter what stick with your journey. It sucks sometimes. There's days that are filled with exhaustion, hunger, and regret (especially when you're at Bdubs watching everyone eat wings while you eat the pre-packed meal you brought in your Tupperware bowl.) But it all pays in the end. Losing weight is tough, but with the right mentality, you're tougher.

Enjoy your time in the gym. Appreciate every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears that are shed. They're what molds you into a beast.
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jeff gray - January 11, 2019

great job on your journey!

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