Transformation: Cameron Carpenter Lost an Amazing 108 Pounds!

Transformation: Cameron Carpenter Lost an Amazing 108 Pounds!

Transformation Stats
44% body fat
19% body fat

What Was Your Life Like Before Your Transformation?

Before my transformation all I could do was eat and sleep I had a girlfriend that stuck with me for 5 years from being a 210 lb guy she meet in college to a 363 lb drug addict with thyroid problems. I started my journey in July of 2014 by going to rehab. At rehab I realized my passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

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My turning point was in June 2014 when I woke up one morning looked myself in the mirror and saw a guy I didn't recognize. My life for the past 4 years was almost a blank and the girl of my dreams didn't even really know the real me.

What Were Your Major Struggles or Challenges?

My struggles on my journey was getting clean and staying clean. Changing my eating habits and working out. I changed my life, from mentally to physically.
Cameron Before and After

What Was Your Workout and Cardio Plan During Your Transformation?

I had no clue what I was doing in the gym I started going and meeting a lot of people that helped me out a lot. I started bodybuilding, doing body part days 5 times a week. I went hard a lot of reps that being my cardio.

What Was Your Eating Plan During Your Transformation?

My diet was simple eat things that you can hunt or grow in a garden. I got the app My Fitness Pal and put my numbers in and logged in everyday. I had a cheat meal every weekend. I ate clean most of the time.

Detail Your Supplement Plan During Your Transformation

During my transformation I took whey protein, pre-workout, creatine and amino acids.

What Were Your Major Accomplishments or Milestones?

My major accomplishment was hitting the number on the scale that I was when I met my wife.. another accomplishment was getting married to the women who stuck with me through everything.

Detail Your 3 Biggest Mistakes

My 3 biggest mistakes were not staying with a program long enough to see if it worked. I sometimes binged on the weekends. And once I got to the 270 lb mark I thought I was done so I stopped dieting for 3 months over the summertime.

3 Biggest Things You Learned During Your Transformation?

I learned I could do anything I put my mind to. I learned that I love lifting weights and everything about being fit and that I am comfortable being me and not trying to be like everyone else.

Final Words of Advice for Others Looking to Make a Change?

My advice would be give it a try it's worth it. If I could change my life anyone can. It's not all about the physical change it's about the mental change too. Be happy with yourself don't let everyone else be the judge of your happiness.

Go at life the same way you would go at the weights in the gym with everything you have.
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