Trainer Pawelw Ladziak Spends Small Fortune to Look Older

Trainer Pawelw Ladziak Spends Small Fortune to Look Older

So many individuals these days spend mini-fortunes on plastic surgery to make themselves look young, but one social media star is doing the exact opposite - artificially aging himself to gain popularity.

Polish personal trainer, Pawelw Ladziak, a.k.a. the "Polish Viking," is only 35 years old, but has spent a considerable amount of money to make himself look more like member of the AARP, than youthful fitness aficionado. Ladziak first started his transformation several years ago when he decided to dye his hair and beard white after not liking the "salt and pepper" look.

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While the personal trainer had always been active on social media sites including Facebook and Instagram before his "transformation," it wasn't until after he started posting photos as the old-but-ripped dude that his popularity began to soar. Now, Ladziak has amassed an Instagram following of over 335,000 people.

Pawel first tried weight lifting when he was 16 years old, but it wasn't until a few reckless years as a young adult that he got serious about his training. According to Ladziak, he was "devastated by the crazy years of youth" and it wasn't until around age 30, when he realized how terrible he looked that he decided to make a change.

These days, the social media "star" routinely posts side-by-side photos of himself as a 20-something and now. According to Ladziak, his transformation serves as a source of inspiration for his fans and makes them love him more. He also frequently posts pictures of his intense workout routines, often topless or in tank tops, which also help boost his appeal.

Ladziak is often compared to 50 year old Italian socialite Gianluca Vacchi, who gained notoriety in 2016 after a video of him dancing with then girlfriend, Giorgia Gabriele, made its rounds on social media. Like Ladziak, Vacchi is also incredible physical shape, yet he actually is 50 years old, unlike Pawel who is only 35.

The "Polish Viking" said he only came to know of Vacchi after several of his Instagram followers remarked on their striking resemblance and confessed he wouldn't mind looking like the Italian socialite when he actually does hit the half century mark.

What do you think of Ladziak's seemingly "unique" take on aging? Would you age yourself just to get more social media followers? Will this spark a new trend among people who seek to make themselves look older rather than younger?

Leave us a comment down below with your thoughts.

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jeff gray - January 11, 2019

Don’t understand this, guess he gets more social media following from looking older, smh.

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