Super Bowl Food Facts You MUST Know

Super Bowl Food Facts You MUST Know

Ah, the Super Bowl. To some, it's the best spectacle in football. To others, it's the second-biggest food day after Thanksgiving.

Just like with Thanksgiving, we have some game day foods that everyone enjoys.

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How much food do you think we eat during the Super Bowl? I've done some digging around and the average household buys about 6,000 calories worth of snacks per person.

Not only that but with millions of pounds of comfort being consumed by fans watching the big game, pizza deliveries will increase by almost 60%.

So, instead of me writing the cliché "Halftime Workout Routine" that you won't do, let's check out some staggering food stats and get those taste buds ready for the big game.

Super Bowl Food Facts You Should Know

If you're like me, you are excited to go crash someone's party and eat up all of their protein. While we are gearing up for the big game, check out some of these staggering facts.

We will consume around 1.3 billion chicken wings

Who doesn't like a good wing? 7% of the year's chicken wing sales come from Super Bowl Sunday. This is around 162.5 million pounds worth of chicken.

11.2 million pounds of potato chips will be smashed

With so many choices for chips (and dip) this highly processed snack will be consumed by millions of people.

139.4 million pounds of avocados will be purchased

Avocados are great for you and guacamole is a great dip.

Along with avocados, there will be a double-digit increase in sour cream, hummus, and cream cheese sales.

What are some of your favorite dip recipes?

3.8 Million Pounds of popcorn will be made

While I can't say I've had popcorn at a Super Bowl game, that's a lot of popcorn.

We'll eat 3 million pounds of nuts

A popular and healthy snack, nuts are full of nutritious fats and other nutrients.

3 million pounds, on the other hand, is a lot. So grab yourself a handful of nuts and chow down.

We'll drink 325.5 million gallons of beer

Coming in at around 50 million cases, this could fill an Olympic-sized pool almost 2000 times.

Chips and Dip

Other Random Food Facts

My mouth is watering, but here are a few other cool random food facts.

  • $2.37 million will be spent on soda
  • 12.5 million pounds of bacon will be consumed
  • 10 million pounds of ribs will get all over people's faces
  • 8.2 million pounds of tortilla chips will be eaten

Even if you aren't into sports, this has to have you pumped up to go to a Super Bowl party.

So Why Do We Eat So Much?

Why is it we eat so much during this day?

Distracted Eating

Just like eating at night watching a movie, distracted eating keeps you shoveling food in without a second thought.

The game is going, there are hot chicks all over, and the food is great - let's eat more!

If you're trying to watch your waistline, try to be more conscious of how much you are eating.

Emotional Eating

From suspense during the game to an annoying call, we will eat more due to our emotions.

In fact, it has been shown that people rooting for the team that lost will eat more, binge, and carry on this trend for the next few days.

It's an unfortunate circumstance, but everyone's a winner with a nice spread of food.

A Sample Super Bowl Food Spread

I found this on another website, and I thought I'd share it with you. It averages 2,400 calories, which I believe on average we have closer to 5,000 to 6,000 calories.

Quarter cup of cheese dip

Around 73 calories and 5.5 grams of fat.

I've had more cheese on one chip than this.

6 Buffalo wings with blue cheese

Coming in at 570 calories and 40 grams of fat, I don't know anyone who eats only 6 buffalo wings.

If you're not eating a whole heard's worth of wings, you aren't partying.

40 potato chips

First of all, who counts how many chips you eat? Sure, maybe 40 handfuls.

40 potato chips are 465 calories and 31.9 grams of fat.

Nutritionally speaking, chips and dip are the most calorie-dense, other than sweets.

2 Slices of pizza

If you are going to someone's party and you don't aim to eat at least half of a pizza, what are you doing?

2 pieces will give you around 596 calories and 24.3 grams of fat if you go with a simple pepperoni pizza.

I advise eating pizza first because that bread will help fill you up. Eating it towards the end and washing it down with a cold brewski only will give you some bad indigestion.

3 cans of beer

While I'm more of a liquor fan, I mostly see my friends double fisting beers.

3 cans of beer are around 458 calories. If you're trying to get your groove on during the Super Bowl, remember that liquor is quicker.

2 brownies

2 brownies will be around 447 calories and 30 grams of fat.

Raid your buddy's fridge and grab some milk, you'll need it.

1 "serving" Of nachos

I'm not sure what their definition of a serving is, but you're looking at around 430 calories and 25 grams of fat.

If you get the holy grail of stuck together chips with extra cheese and meat, it still counts as one "serving."

Wrapping It Up

Enjoy some great food today and get back on track on Monday.

One tip to keep from becoming uncomfortably full is to spread out how you eat. Instead of grabbing two plates full of food, grab a smaller plate and fill it up.

Eventually, you'll get tired of getting up to get food and you'll be adequately full to watch your team win.

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jeff gray - January 11, 2019

i skipped super bowl this year, family life to busy getting ready for my second daughter, so no setback, but just enjoy the game and use the extra calories to crush it in the gym the next day.

Damon Harrison - January 11, 2019

I guess I did pretty good then. I trained soon to be pro wrestlers until 6 pm cst, then ate a jerk chicken sandwich with pineapple and lettuce on pita bread with a few (just a few) pretzel breadstick bites with a little beer cheese.

Justin Falls - January 11, 2019

Interesting and fun article, but like you said, I’ll enjoy and get back on track tomorrow. Bring on the buffalo chicken dip!!!

Alan Hamid - January 11, 2019

great article

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