Personal Trainer Cost: Is a Trainer Worth It?

Personal Trainer Cost: Is a Trainer Worth It?

Have you ever trained with a certified personal trainer? If you have, then you know the benefits that can come from it. If not, then allow me to ask, "Why?"

Personal training monthly costs can mirror that of a car payment if you purchase a sound package; however isn't your longevity and health a bigger priority than having the latest and most fashionable tool to get from point "A" to point "B"?

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Let's take a look at the benefits of budgeting for personal training and compare them to some realistic potential barriers.

The Benefits of a Personal Trainer

Your quality of life depends on your level of physical fitness. Do you work in some line of service? Do people depend on your job? If so, then how can you possibly give your greatest contribution if your health declines?
Personal TrainerThe truth is, you can't!

You might also think that by saving money every month by not having a personal trainer you are doing yourself a favor in the long run. You never know what the future holds, so be smart with your hard-earned cash is completely understood.

What if your health declines, though? If it does, then we aren't talking a few thousand dollars for a year (which would get you an amazing personal training program), but tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses and prescriptions down the road.

Your quality of life is not the material items that you possess, nor is it parallel to the abundance of green in your bank account. Your quality of life is your ability to live the life that you have in health and wellness, giving your greatest contribution to yourself and those around you.

You may be thinking, "Can I just be healthy walking and doing machines a few days a week?" The answer is.. well "yes and no."

The modes of exercise you choose to do (resistance exercises, cardio types, etc.) determine how your body responds. If you are not challenging your body in the appropriate way, then you will not change. You must be able to provide an appropriate stimulus to your body to achieve your desired results.

A certified personal trainer is an educated fitness professional specializing in prescribing full exercise programs for every individual. Without a doubt, budgeting for a personal trainer will guarantee that your time spent in the gym is as productive as possible.

The sky is the limit when you hire a personal trainer! What are your goals? Do you want to train for optimal health? There is a right way to train to increase longevity. Do you want to compete on a bodybuilding stage? Shaping the muscles requires a very specific style and different modes of exercise than any other goal.

Are you trying to rehab from an injury or increase your performance? This also requires careful consideration of the types and intensities of training. A Certified Personal Trainer will develop a specific, individualized plan for you to achieve literally whatever goal you set for yourself.

What stops people from hiring a trainer? The two objections to purchasing a custom training package that are displayed to me almost every day are money and time. let's cover them one by one.

Where do you spend your money? Are you investing, or are you spending? When you spend money, you get what you pay for and that's about it! When you invest, you get a return that is often greater than the price you paid in the beginning. Hiring a personal trainer is investing in your health and longevity.

Do not look at it as spending money, but making a monthly investment to ensure that your body is everything that you want it to be. Your health should be a priority over material items or unhealthy pleasures that we may spend more money on than we should, don't you agree?

Additionally, I hear the "I don't have time" objection frequently. What don't you have time for? You have purchased a membership and you come to the gym every other day. There are always trainers available, so how can you not find a time that fits? Also, what keeps you from dedicating an hour a day to being healthy?

Most gyms stay open at least 17 hours a day. Make time for your health! Dedicate time each and every day to taking care of your body. Club staff wants you in the gym and they want you to be healthy, so they will make certain that you get to see a trainer as often as you would like.

Let me revisit my initial question to the folks who have not trained with a personal trainer. Why? What can you do to ensure that your body is as healthy as possible? One of the best investments of time and money you could ever make is having your own certified personal trainer.

Do not put a price on your health or your body, because it truly is priceless. Dedicate time and energy to making yourself healthy. Your family, your kids, your grandkids, and your great-grandkids will benefit from a healthier you. What could stop you? The sky is the limit.
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jeff gray - January 11, 2019

Have always done everything on my own, I enjoy learning and constantly improving, broadening my education on diet, exercise, etc., and finding what does or doesn’t work for my individual self through trial and error. But if it helps you get started or keep going, or reach that next level, go for it!!

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