Nspire Physique Championships Global Announced by Lee Thompson

Nspire Physique Championships Global Announced by Lee Thompson

Another major story from the world of bodybuilding with a Kai Greene tie-in. 16 year IFBB and NPC official Lee Thompson announced yesterday that he is starting a new bodybuilding and physique organisation and will not be attending the 2015 Mr. Olympia. He is officially cutting ties with the IFBB.

Nspire Physique Championships Global, or NPC Global, will be a professional and amateur sports league dedicated to everything from bodybuilding to bikini. Lee Thompson states that he has listened to concerns of fans and competitors alike, and will be taking NPC Global into a new direction.

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The video announcement from Lee Thompson and Nspire Physique Championships Global (featured below) leads in with the voice of Kai Greene reading the following quote:

"If it is that you have to expand your vision then you climb higher, and you do that, and you don't be afraid to." - Kai Greene

Lee Thompson follows this introduction with the following statement:

"Hey guys, Lee thompson, NPC Texas. Here today about to head out to the Olympia and obviously you guys have heard so many things going on in the past week about myself, Nspire and Kai Greene.

It's a really changing time in our sport so today I have to come from my heart and I have to talk. I don't speak to just the IFBB or the NPC. I speak to every competitor who takes to a bodybuilding, a physique, body sculpting, bikini stage anywhere around the world.

For the last 16 years I have participated in this sport as an official for the NPC and IFBB, and had the privilege to travel the world and meet so many of you athletes, fans, and sponsors.

As we head to the Olympia I will not be sitting in the judge's chair. I will not be attending the Mr. Olympia 51st competition.

I've heard and seen many things, and today has come much faster than I had anticipated. Many of you have heard that I was looking to move forward with a vision. A new vision. It was a shared vision of our health and fitness community and as our industry as a whole.

I'm announcing that we are creating a new organisation. A professional and amateur sports league, Nspire Physique Championships. Jen, myself, sports agent Jordan Woy, as well as an entire team have come together and listened, and documented the concerns that you have. The very same things that you've heard from Kai Greene yesterday."

Here is the rest of the video:

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