No Excuses! 8 Stupid Reasons You Aren't Hitting the Gym

No Excuses! 8 Stupid Reasons You Aren't Hitting the Gym

Over two-thirds of America, more than 200 million people, are currently classified as obese individuals. Furthermore, more than half of these people are considered morbidly obese, meaning they are putting themselves at risk for devastating health injuries and long-term diseases.

While adherence to a proper diet is the biggest key to being a healthy individual, physical activity plays a close second in the role of maintaining proper overall health. However, many people in today's day and age have become complacent, sedentary, and downright lazy.

With modern day conveniences available such as fast food, food delivery, and an overwhelming amount of television shows, it's easy to get lazy. Most people have time for the gym, but come up with an array of excuses preventing them from going.

No Excuses! Get Your Butt to the Gym

Tired Lifter

Excuse #1 - I don't have time

The average American is awake 17 hours per day. Even with a 10 hour workday, 2 hour commute, and an hour for eating this still leaves at least 4 hours of free time throughout the day.

However, many people choose to watch Netflix or play video games instead of using this time in a healthier fashion such as going to the gym.

Excuse #2 - I'm too tired

Maybe your kid kept you up and you only got 3 hours of sleep. The boss could have even kept you late at work so you had to put in a 12 hour day. Whatever the case may be, stop making excuses.

Reach for a snack and guzzle down some of your favorite pre-workout to get you fired up. Sometimes the workouts where you are the most tired end up being some of the best of your life.

Excuse #3 - I don't have money for a gym membership

A gym membership is cheaper than a cable bill and that's a cold, hard, simple fact. Most gym memberships can be had for under $40 per month and there are several clubs that offer memberships in the $10-$20 range.

If you have trouble scrounging up enough money for a $10 monthly membership maybe you should reconsider your personal finances. If money is still a factor you can always go for a run or perform workouts at home with a few simple tools such as a pull-up bar and some moderate weight dumbbells.

Get creative with it.

Excuse #4 - I don't want to get too big

Women use this statement frequently, but then again so do many men. If it were that easy to get huge and strong quickly, then the world would be filled with a limitless amount of Hulk look-a-likes.

The truth of the matter is that the body generally builds muscle so slowly that it can take several months, if not years, to reach a physical size that most people would consider to be "big". Going to the gym for a week will not make you look like Arnold in his prime, though I wish it were that simple.

Excuse #5 - I don't know what I'm doing

Some people claim ignorance. They feel lost when walking around the gym and don't know where to begin.

Perhaps this was a more valid excuse twenty years ago, but with today's technology, the information is out there for free and readily available to anyone willing to do a bit of research. Google is a tremendous tool so take advantage of it.

Excuse #6 - The gym is too crowded

No matter how crowded the gym gets you can still get a good workout in. If necessary, ask to work in on gym equipment with other members to save time. Just be proactive and polite about the situation.

A majority of the time the other gym members will be cool and let you work in between sets. How many more sets you got bro?

Excuse #7 - The gym is intimidating

we've all been there. Feeling like a lost child or a wandering puppy dog lost among the grunting and raging testosterone.

Deal with it.

The only way to improve and get better at anything is to just start doing it. Over time you will become more confident and gain the respect of the gym members around you.

Excuse #8 - I don't like working out alone

Although having a workout partner can sometimes be motivating, at other times it is best to simply workout by yourself. Put on the headphones, crank up your favorite song and get to work. This will allow you to focus on the workout itself and really get into the zone.

Set Your Excuses Aside

Don't be one of those guys or girls that constantly say they can't go to the gym for stupid reasons. Everyone is tired, everyone is busy, and everyone has a life outside of the gym. The key to making substantial progress is to push beyond these limitations within your mind and take one step closer to reaching your full potential.

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jeff gray - January 11, 2019

#7 is very good advice, just get going and keep going.

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