Is Negative Self Talk Stealing Your Gym Gains?

Is Negative Self Talk Stealing Your Gym Gains?

My husband recently finished a book about the life of a Navy Seal: Unbreakable, by Thom Shea. In the book Thom spoke of his experiences as a leader, how his missions affected him personally and externally, his relationships, and how they impacted his performance. He also talked about the obstacles he overcame to be the best of the best.

I'm typically not interested in too many ?shoot-em-up, beat-em-up? type things, but as my husband read the ending of the book out loud, I found the message hit me hard.

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We all have an internal dialogue that is constantly ?on.? Some of us are in tune with it while others may not even recognize its existence.

But it's there.

The truth is, it is probably one of the most important parts to our being that we posses. It is the one thing that we have 100% control over, and it controls everything. Our success, in all aspects of our lives, rides on this internal dialogue.
Positive Attitude

it's amazing how powerful our minds are and at the same time how detrimental they can be when we feed it negativity. When thinking of a goal we set out to achieve, be it career, financial gains, materialistic objects, or physical health, we establish it and put into place a route that we hope will bring us to the desired outcome.

Now, each day following we are left to decide our outlook and the attitude we wish to uphold during this venture. I'm not saying that this is easy, by any means. But unveiling and bringing to light how much this inner conversation plays a role in our success will only help to better any other goals we set in the future.

As a personal trainer and coach I see all too often the pressures and negative talk that others put themselves through, none of it advancing them in any positive way clearly. So, how do we make a shift? To be honest, it all starts with bringing to light what your internal dialogue has been and currently is.

Uncover it and let out the raw truth.

Some of it may be great and you may want to hold on to it, while some of it may unmask insecurities that you now can address. Now choosing a mantra or a saying that resonates with you and what you?re after could be your next step. In the book I mentioned earlier, the author notes how he would say over and over to himself something so powerful and positive until he believed it and lived it.

Replace your negative talk with positive. Instead of doubting your ability, encourage it and say that you will instead of I?ll try. These small mind shifts can go further than you know. Just as it takes time and energy to build negative self-talk it will take time and energy to build positive affirmations for yourself.

This world is filled with go-getters as well as haters, don't be the later. Be your ultimate self, be your own motivation and encourage others to always be their strongest support.

At the end of the day, the only mind that hits that pillow when your head does is your own. Treat it right and unlock its potential.
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