Marco Wall Drops Fat, Gets Jacked

Marco Wall Drops Fat, Gets Jacked

I was around 300lbs (I'll never know the real weight because I refused to get on a scale), diagnosed diabetic and hypertensive.

While I wasn't terribly unhappy with myself I was very uncomfortable doing things from day to day. From sweating too much, getting out of breath walking, or not doing certain things because I knew I wouldn't be able to participate fully.

People ask me what my low point was but I never had an epiphany moment or a rock bottom. One week I decided to make some better food choices and I dropped seven pounds. I saw that and figured i'd do it again and lost another eight pounds and from there I was hooked.

I began reading about training and nutrition and ended up losing 130lbs in around nine months.

No Excuses, 100% Commitment

Marco Wall Transformation

I didn't really have any struggles or setbacks. I committed to the process 100% and refused to make excuses or allow myself to rationalize bad behaviors. Not everyone is wired this way, but for me it was all or nothing.

As I began to lose weight I had to buy new clothes that actually fit and each size I dropped in a shirt felt great. Each notch on the belt that dropped was also exciting to me as well.

I purged all larger sizes as I continued to lose weight so that I didn't allow myself "fat clothes" that I could put on if I backslid and started gaining weight back. Let's just say the people at Goodwill got to know me very well.

60 Pounds and a Trainer

I lost about sixty pounds before I decided to seek out a trainer to help in dropping the rest of the weight. I went to Terry Bryan's in Kenwood and he helped me do things the right way.

The ultimate moment for me was about four years after my initial start to the journey when I stepped on stage at the KY State bodybuilding show in 2012 as a lightweight bodybuilder. Being almost 300lbs I would have never imagined to have had a six pack let alone become a bodybuilder, I smile just thinking about it.

I hate cardio, I always have...and as I tell my clients today I focused on my diet first before resistance training and cardio was ever a thought in my mind. I think this is the biggest problem in fat loss attempts as most people want to focus on anything but putting the right foods in their body.

I knew little about macronutrients or how much carb, fat, and protein I needed daily so I focused on putting nutrient rich, unprocessed foods into my body and when I couldn't eat the right foods would drink a Beverly UMP protein shake instead. I learned more about the intricacies of dieting later on and implemented a more advanced plan of attack.

I'm lucky to have supportive people in my life but the most resistance I had were friends that sometimes became annoyed when my diet choices didn't fit in with their views on what was okay to eat.

My Advice For You

My biggest piece of advice for anyone looking to make a change is that unless you are mentally ready to truly do whatever is needed to succeed you will never achieve your weight loss goals. Here are three important things you must remember.
  1. Diet is key.
  2. Resistance training will help you gain lean mass and thus increasing your metabolic capacity.
  3. Make sure you're doing the right type of cardio for your goals.
So many people take up jogging and don't realize this can burn lean mass rather than build it and can lead to a "skinny fat" physique.
Marco Wall Transformation
Being almost 300lbs I would have never imagined to have had a six pack let alone become a bodybuilder, I smile just thinking about it.

My Life Now

I help others in their weight loss journeys, to get stronger, compete in physique sports, or just feel better.

I know much much more than I did while making my transformation. I track my food on a daily basis and use food as a tool in my goals as a competitor.

I never failed before because I never tried. I was fortunate to figure it out on the first try and almost seven years later I'm still going strong.

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Robert Paffe - January 11, 2019

I’ve known Marco a long time, great to see how things have changed for him!

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