Kindra Monahan Lost 48 Pounds and Found Her Competitive Spirit

Kindra Monahan Lost 48 Pounds and Found Her Competitive Spirit

  • Name: Kindra Monahan
  • Age: 26
  • Starting Weight: 178
  • Ending Weight: 132.5
  • Transformation Starting Date: 11/12/18
  • Transformation Ending Date: 6/9/19
  • Instagram: @kilo_girl_fit

Before Kindra's Transformation

I always struggled with my weight, trying one diet after another and could not maintain it. I tried to eat healthy, but friends and family loved to eat out often and I would cave into the unhealthy choices. 

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I was always very active, but I was eating more than I was expending and I knew I needed to make a change.

The Moment Kindra's Life Changed

After getting out of college and not playing softball, I missed being competitive in something. I had a friend that competed in natural bodybuilding competitions and she told me if I ever considered trying it. I told her if only I could have the discipline to eat and train consistently I would love to be able to.

Inside I laughed at her comment because looking at myself in the mirror I never thought my body could be ready for bodybuilding. I decided to try a 6-week mini cut to see if I could remain on track, and that is where my transformation started.

Kindra's Diet and Workout Approach

My initial diet was following a meal plan my coach gave me. He also guided me with how often and how much cardio to do.

Since I was experienced with lifting, I remained performing that on my own. Over time I learned more about the wonders of Macro counting to make this lifestyle more sustainable.

Kindra's Struggles

I had many times of self-doubt especially on certain days when I didn’t see the scale move. I’ve had body image issues all my life due to severe scoliosis that needed surgical correction at the age of 15.

This is why my coach had me do weekly picture check-ins with the same type of poses.

Most Important Thing You Learned?

There will be some good and bad days. The biggest thing for me is on the days that were hard and I was hungry or discouraged, you have to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself why you're doing this.

You can't always focus on the day by day, sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture. And especially if your many weeks into it you have to remember where you started and what you have accomplished so far.

I would always save my beginning picture and look back at it when I was feeling down or discouraged to remind me of how far I’ve come.

Biggest Mistake?

My biggest mistake at first was thinking of how quickly I could lose weight. There is no “quick fix" if you want to improve for the long term.

If you want to change your lifestyle to make this long term, taking it slow and improving what you do daily (whether it be meal choices or improving activity) will make this journey more sustainable.

A Typical Day of Eating

This question is hard to answer because how my day of eating is will be completely different from the next person. Every person is individualized on what and how much they should eat. I am currently reverse dieting from my show (slowly increasing carbs and fats based on macro counting) to have a better body composition for the offseason.

My new coach I have believes on the flexible dieting approach where you mostly eat all healthy food, but if you are craving something, you can adjust what you eat that day to fit it into your macros.

    Words of Encouragement

    Start with baby step/small changes. For me, I needed a coach to help me stay more accountable. Anyone who does not have a good foundation of nutrition, I would highly suggest getting a coach but please please do your research before going with one.

    There are good and bad ones out there. If getting coach isn’t for you, there are plenty of apps out there that you can use to help make necessary changes. Lastly, don’t give up. If you have a bad day and don’t stay on track, tomorrow is a fresh day. Giving up is for the weak, stay strong.

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