How To Record Your Workouts at the Gym With Confidence

How To Record Your Workouts at the Gym With Confidence

You've probably seen people filming or posting videos of themselves working out and wondered why they are doing it. This practice can be beneficial to anyone interested in getting the most out of their workouts. It takes some confidence to film yourself along with the proper techniques, but it will help improve your workouts from top to bottom in the long run. This guide will teach you how to record your workout with confidence. 

Why Do You Want to Record Your Workouts?

There is a multitude of reasons why you may want to record your workouts, including being able to analyze your form, get critique from a trainer, or post them on social media. Each one of these options allows for the opportunity for feedback on your form and technique from a wide range of people, who can offer suggestions on how to improve your workout.

Study/Practice Your Form

One of the most common reasons you may film your workout is so that you can see if your form is perfect or has some flaws. If your form isn't perfect when you are doing exercises with heavy weights like squats or deadlifts, you can easily injure yourself. The correct form also means you are targeting the specific muscles the exercise needs to be working, leading to better gains.

Share with a Trainer

Sometimes you just don't have access to a trainer at your local gym who can evaluate your form on the spot. If you film your workout you can meet up with a trainer at another time, or work with an online trainer, and ask them for any feedback that they can provide to help you improve your form. 

Post on Social Media

While social media can sometimes be full of negativity, the online fitness community is one place that is full of positivity. Posting your workouts on social media, whether it be Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook, can give you the encouragement you need to keep working out. Fellow gym-goers can offer their feedback and support through each and every comment, like, and view. Videos of you working out and meeting your goals can even inspire other people to hit the gym.

How To Record Yourself with Confidence

You may remember the first time you tried to take a selfie or video of yourself at the gym and how embarrassed or shy you may have felt. Whether you tried to pretend that you were texting while taking a photo or hid your phone while filming yourself so that no one would see you, it just takes some confidence to pull off. Once you realize that most people are focusing on what they are doing and not on you filming, you won't give it a second thought. Try a few of these techniques to build up your confidence.

Practice Your Filming First When No One Is Watching

Just like any other thing in life, the more your practice something, the easier it becomes to do with confidence. If you feel self-conscious about filming at the gym, start out by practicing it at home. You don't even need a set of weights to practice. You can use any household objects to mimic weights, like a milk jug filled with water for a dumbbell or a broomstick for a barbell. Once you find a weight substitute, set up your camera in different positions to see what angle is best to capture your form. 

Now that you have some practice down, the next step is to head to the gym at an off-peak time. The fewer people that are there, the more comfortable you'll feel practicing filming. It will also be easier to set your camera up without having to worry about people walking in front of it or knocking it over.

Film Your Favorite Exercises First

Your favorite exercises are your favorites for a reason. You do them all of the time without thinking, knowing that your form and technique are spot on. This is why you should start by filming these exercises first. It will allow you not to worry about your form and focus on the filming process itself. Don't start with the process with an exercise that is new to you, where you have to worry about learning both the exercise and filming at the same time. 

Use Your Front-Facing Camera

If you are still lacking self-confidence even after practicing, try sticking with your front-facing camera for a little longer. You can use your front-facing camera to record yourself for some single-armed exercises without anyone noticing. Another benefit of using the front-facing camera is that you can watch what your camera is filming instead of guessing what the rear-facing camera has in its frame.

Buy a Phone Stand or Tripod

Now that you feel comfortable recording workout videos of yourself, it's time to take the process to the next level. You can purchase a phone stand or tripod to make filming much easier. With a stand or tripod, you can set up your camera at the exact angle, direction, and height that you want it. You won't have to worry about trying to balance it on a random piece of equipment or bench while getting in your fellow gym-goers way. 

Wear Headphones to Block Out Distractions

One final way to give yourself the focus to film yourself is to wear a nice pair of headphones so you can listen to your favorite music while blocking out all outside distractions. You'll be able to focus on yourself and only yourself better when you aren't listening to others' conversations, the sounds of weights crashing, or any other noises. 

Record Your Workouts at the Gym With Confidence

Now that you know how to film your workout, you'll see that the whole process was no big deal in the first place. With the wealth of feedback and knowledge you'll receive from other fitness fanatics that view your workout videos, you'll see your fitness gains increase. If you need help with any other parts of your workout from supplements, fitness plans, or workout gear, can help. Visit our store today for all of your exercise needs. 

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