How to Be Successful: 6 Ways to Push Forward and Crush Goals

How to Be Successful: 6 Ways to Push Forward and Crush Goals

I?ve learned a lot throughout my 25 years of life. It's helped me to stay motivated and progress efficiently. I've developed a mindset of success.

This is a mindset that I'm more than happy to share with you all in as vivid of detail as possible. I hope you can draw some type wisdom from this article and utilize it within your own journey moving forward. Let's begin?

How to Be Successful

#1 - Keep a Positive Attitude

That's all it is really, your attitude. A certain type of attitude towards something can go a long way.

For example, if you approach a new job with a good attitude, your superiors will take notice and you never know what possibilities might arise. Now, if you approach that same job with a bad attitude, your superiors will take notice of that disgruntled way of thinking and most likely confront you about it.

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Why would they confront you about it? Simply because no boss wants an employee who makes their work place appear as miserable as possible. An attitude like that is not only bad for business but also bad for life.
SuccessOptimism is one of the key components of being, and remaining, motivated. With anything you want to do, whoever you want to be and whatever path you want to walk, optimism will help you achieve those goals.

Having a positive state of mind gives you the mental encouragement to execute and complete the various things you set out to do. This is the exact opposite when you have a lackadaisical viewpoint.

When a person is unenthusiastic, gloomy and negative, their desire to want and attain is so nonexistent it's ridiculous. don't be this type of person, PLEASE.

There's an abundance of opportunities in this world that come and go each and every day. Why risk a chance of missing yours? don't.

You don't understand how many times I?ve told myself, ?I wish I would have done that back in high school.? Or, ?If I would have worked this hard back then, i'd be so far ahead now.? I?ve allowed numerous opportunities to slip through my fingers but never again. Never again will I idly sit by as the sun rises and falls aging me day after day and NOT making the most out of life.

I'm telling you this now so you don't ever have to experience that belated wishful thinking that plagues my mind each and every day. The time is now, YOUR time is now. I'm 25 years old and I have PLENTY of time to see all my aspirations come alive and you do too.

Age isn't even important when it comes to seizing opportunities. Your longing for it is.

#2 - Commit to Success

Committing to your work is one of the cornerstones of success. When you?re focused and driven, the possibilities are endless.

Do you remember in school when your teachers would tell you to pay attention and you think they?re just being annoying? They?re actually on to something. I must admit, in school I wasn?t the brightest crayon in the box or even the most attentive to say the least.

That's why I never really excelled in the classroom, I never gave a one hundred percent commitment to it. Doctors commit to their studies, lawyers commit to their practice and athletes commit to their teams. See the trend here? All of these prosperous individuals psychologically and physically were obligated to something they believed in, themselves.

Once you wholeheartedly believe that you can do something and make the decision to pledge to this task till it's done, it WILL get done. Jobs are meant to be filled, games are meant to be won and paths are meant to be walked. Whether you have to explore this voyage on your lonesome or with company, stay committed.

You want to be successful right? Well being committed is one of the first steps in the right direction.
Failure is something that's a part of life; you just have to learn to keep things moving once it's happened.

#3 - Develop a Sound Work Ethic

Work ethic is possibly one of the most significant ingredients of success. Without putting in work, what can you conquer? Nothing, you will conquer nothing.

What I?ve noticed lately about the American people is everyone constantly whines and complains about work, as if it were suppose to be fun. Work is not intended to be fun, but it is intended to be done.

You think construction workers like being out in the hot sun shoveling fragments of pore-clogging dirt and sweating profusely under their hard hats? Not at all, but they don't mind doing it because work pays the bills and feeds their families.

You get out what you put into something and if you?re aiming to leave out the element of work, you'll get squat. No, I'm not talking about the leg exercise. Literally squat.

I know you can't possibly expect to not work and reap the benefits of success. This isn't a perfect world despite us all wishing it was. You have to get your hands dirty, sweat a little bit and be miserable for a while to get where you want to be.

Very few people are blessed with the opportunity to land a job they really like at a tender age, or develop a mentality of finding honest enjoyment in a hard day's work. That's perfectly fine because as long as you?re still working and things are getting done, everything will be a-okay!

#4 - don't Waste Time

I mentioned this at the beginning of our time together, but let's address it more thoroughly. Whatever you do, don't waste any time. Time is forever moving and never stopping. You?re sacrificing time while reading this article, but it's time wisely invested.

For years and years, we have tried to master time. How to capitalize on it and how to make the most of it. we've come to the conclusion that using and making the most of time itself is the best option as opposed to squandering it.

You remember the wishful thinking comment I made earlier? Yeah, that still applies.
ClockWhile you?re waiting for homework to be collected in class, you know what you could do? Take it out of your book bag and place it neatly on your desk so that you?re two steps ahead of everyone else. That may seem like a silly example of making the most of your time, but it says a lot about your character believe it or not.

Every day when I went to middle school, I would iron my clothes the night before and carefully place them on a desk that was located near my closet. Once I woke up i'd be THAT much closer to being prepared. Therefore, I had spare time that could be used for breakfast.

You see?

Being ahead of the curve does nothing but benefit you. America has turned into the country of the lazy. don't ask me how, it just has.

Be different. Be a prepared person. Make the most out of the time that sits so preciously at the tips of your fingers. you'll soon realize that profiting from this simple method goes a long way.

College football players prepare for the regular season in the off-season. They lift, run, eat and educate themselves. Once they enter the season, these students of the game turn into beasts on the field.

it's never an easy process but it's a worthwhile one nonetheless, especially when winning a national championship is the outcome of it all. Time is to be used ladies and gents, not wasted.

#5 - Adapt and Thrive

Adapt to whatever hand you?re dealt. This world isn't perfect and your life isn't perfect, so learn to cope.

All too often people get so emotional and discouraged when things don't go their way, I know I have. What I?ve learned throughout the years of managing imperfections is that life goes on.

You may not have made the team today and the girl you like may not like you back, but don't let that stop you from pursuing other things. There are people in this world that don't even have the opportunity to grow up and thrive due to the malnourishment in their country.

Appreciate what you have and work with it by any means necessary. If you?re a musician and someone tells you that your music is horrible, don't give up, just adapt to new ideas. Ask them what's wrong with it, how you can make it better, and if they can loan you more opinions in the future.

Several individuals have difficult times taking a little constructive criticism, but that's primarily because they don't want to change anything. People assume that their version of something is the best there is and in most cases, it isn't. You have to be open-minded when zeroing in on success and everything that enshrouds it, thus being able to adapt.

don't get angry or frustrated when someone gives you an honest opinion of your work because that will prove to be more helpful than anything. If Jay Z, the well-known rapper mogul, never took advice from anyone he never would have been able to get to where he is today. Everyone can use a little advice and criticism. These things teach us how to adapt and better ourselves in various ways.
Push Ups

Whenever I thought i'd accomplished enough of something or wanted to slow down my progress to take a rest, my father wouldn't let me. My pops would always tell me, ?You ain?t sh*t yet, you can rest when you've done something man!? He was so right and I understand that now.

I was so comfortable with mediocrity that adaptation was the least of my worries, but it should have been one of the biggest worries I had. If you can't evolve and transform the way you do things and what pace you do them at, you'll never get to where you want to be.

The world is constantly changing people, whether you notice it or not, it's changing. We are no longer Neanderthals. Dinosaurs have become extinct and the world isn't as potentially nourishing as it once was. When one thing changes you have to change with it, that's the direct meaning of adaptation.

I use to always stick to my same written workouts daily and wondered why I wasn?t getting any bigger. I hit a plateau and I absentmindedly continued ramming into it every time I worked out.

One day, I left the notebook containing my workouts in my house and just went outside. I didn't exactly know what I had planned that day as far as my workout routine but I did know that I was going to surprise myself. Sure enough, I sprung into various explosive workouts.

My ordinary vastly changed into extraordinary adjustments and my body felt it all. Needless to say the next day I was abundantly sore but guess what? I went outside the day after and played it by ear once again.

At the end of about 4-5 weeks of following this cycle, I began seeing gains in my arms, shoulders and legs. Like I said before, adaptation is the key. Whenever you feel yourself hitting a wall in your sails towards success, change what you?re doing and you'll clear that wall in no time.

#6 - Failure Happens - Get Over It

Failure, it's bound to happen. Whether you want to or not, you?re going to fail in life. The trick is to not let it affect you too much.

I?ve failed many times ? in school, in sports and I?ve even failed myself. Failure is something that's a part of life; you just have to learn to keep things moving once it's happened.

Do you think a professional baseball pitcher dwells on the times he hits the batters with the ball and earns a walk for the other team? No, he regains his composure and focuses on striking out the next batter to make up for his previous blunder. That's how it should be.

don't cry or whine about doing something wrong or not understanding something, just better yourself for the future. All the greats in this world have made mistakes, several if not some, but they capitalize on the lesson learned. Believe it or not, failing teaches you a lesson.

I once read a quote stating the following, ?You never learn to succeed until you've experienced failure.? I agree with that quote totally. You can't learn how to do things right without having done them wrong the first time.

Correction is key. I doubt that people off the bat know how to do something right the first time.

Do you remember as a child your parents helping you stand up so you can walk? Ever remember falling down time after time in your Huggies brand diapers? Of course you don't! But you get where I'm going here, don't you?

it's okaaaayyy to fall, stumble, slip, trip, and just downright not get something. Someone will eventually teach you the right way to do it or you'll teach yourself the proper way through trial and error. don't be afraid of the F word and no not THAT F word. Everything will be fine in the end of it all and you'll even have a few awesome stories to tell your friends of your struggles!

Now Go Be Successful

Thank you. Thank you so much for allowing me time with you so I could open up my mind about the things I'm so passionate about.

We can truly turn the world around and make it a better place if we wanted, we just have to start with ourselves. Look in the mirror and reassure yourself that you can do anything you put your mind to, and your mind will put you to it.

Whether you fancied this piece or not, I hope you appreciate the simple fact I constructed this in hopes to motivate and inspire. Nothing means more to me than being able to help at least one person on this earth, and if I?ve already accomplished that?

I once again thank you for feeling me, really feeling me throughout this piece.
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