Give the Gift of Gains this Holiday Season

Give the Gift of Gains this Holiday Season

The holidays are officially here and if you are looking some of the coolest gym gear to give as a gift for one of your friends or if you are just looking to give yourself a little something new for the gym here are some suggestions for that special gym rat so they can keep the gains coming. All of these gifts will cost you under $100 with most of them ringing in at less than $50.

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The holidays are a tough time to make it to the gym even for those with the highest dedication levels social obligations can interfere with gym time (and that's okay you should be thankful and enjoy your time with friends and family). In addition, New Year's crowds can make it extremely frustrating for gym regulars who are dedicated to their training year round.

In an attempt to overcome these obstacles many of these gifts will provide options for training at home during times when it's not possible to make it to the gym or in a busy gym where equipment is sparse.

9 Holiday Gift Ideas for Lifters

#1 - Fat Gripz

One of the most undertrained aspects of strength training is grip strength. These do a great job taking care of grip and forearm training without taking an extra 20 minutes out of your workout to perform wrist curls or plate pinches. They fit easily into a gym bag and fit securely around most dumbbell and barbells with standard diameter.

Suspension Trainer

#2 - Suspension Trainer

New Year's is right around the corner and gyms all across the world will be full of the "New Year's Resolution" crowd making it frustrating to get to popular equipment in the gym (Bench Presses and Curls anyone?). Whether your friend is waiting for the crowd to thin out or you are looking for options beyond training in a traditional gym, a suspension trainer is a great option for beginner trainees and advanced lifters alike.

All you need is a solid door frame or a pull-up bar/tree branch to anchor it on and you've got yourself unlimited potential for building muscle and losing fat.

#3 - Valslides

These beefed-up furniture sliders open a whole new world of bodyweight exercises to your workout for a minimal cost to your wallet. All that is necessary is carpet or turf/grass for them to slide on and you can perform new and more intense variations of push-ups, planks, leg curls, lunges and more.

These are perfect for a crowded post-New Year's gym or home workouts and they are ultra -transportable and can fit easily in a gym bag.

#4 - Kettlebell

There are few better tools for fat loss and functional strength training than a kettlebell. The best part about training with kettlebells aside from the fat-loss and strength gains, is that it makes it possible to skip the post New Year's gyms and train at home, in a park, or wherever there is a small amount of open floor space.

Some great sizes of kettlebell to start with are 16kg (35lbs) for men and 12kg (25) for women. These sizes are affordable and will allow you or your friend to perform the widest variety of kettlebell workouts with a single kettlebell.

#5 - Dip/Pull-Up Belt

Have you or your friend graduated from the lat pulldown machine? it's not uncommon to see some of the stronger gym rats maxing out the Lat-Pulldown. it's time to take your back training to the next level by performing chins and pull-ups with some added weight plates strapped around the waist.

The same school of thought goes for dips on chest day. Add those plates around the waist for more gains on chest day. Another added bonus is that on chest day while everyone is in line for the bench press you will have the dip bars all to yourself. Gift yourself or a friend with some gains by getting a dip belt.

#6 - The Ultimate Lunchbox

If your friend is eating more than three meals a day it can be tough to transport it all in a traditional lunchbox. This lunch box ensures that you will never miss a meal or have to worry about fitting your Tupperware into an undersized lunchbox again.

It has a spot for your shaker bottle, utensils, protein bars, even your keys and wallet for when you get to the gym, and everything you need to feed a family of four?..or one hungry meathead.

#7 - Knee Sleeves

If you or your friend squats over 225 knee sleeves can be beneficial for adding some support during your workout as well as helping to keep the knees warm during the rest of leg day. Even if you think your friend already uses sleeves and extra set might be in order as knee sleeves tend to accumulate a little funk as they get old and spend more and more time in a gym bag.

There are a number of great brands out with different specs choose the one that best suits your friend or your needs.

#8 - Gym Bag

Have you ever been next to someone in the locker room that opens their gym bag and the next thing you know your hit by a stench so bad that you black out? Sometimes you just have to start over with a new gym bag.

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If your friend hasn't gotten a new gym bag since the release of Pumping Iron do him a solid and hook him up with a new one for Christmas. That way you can avoid any more trips to the ER for stitches after an unexpected blackout.

Gift Card
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#9 - Gift Certificate to

If you are still stumped about what to get your gym rat friend there is always the easy way making sure that they will get exactly what they want by hooking them up with a gift certificate. Gym rats can be pretty picky about the stuff that they use and the supplements that they like.

Not to mention some supplements taste terrible or even lack any flavor at all and trying to buy anything for your gym rat friend can be like playing Russian roulette unless you know for certain how something tastes or how well it works.

Best of luck during your holiday shopping especially if you are out shopping on Black Friday. If you're not out shopping on Black Friday be sure to give the 1000 rep challenge workout a shot and take advantage of all those extra calories in your system.
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