Gymder - The Spornosexual Workout Buddy App for Lifters

Gymder - The Spornosexual Workout Buddy App for Lifters

Spornosexual: A modern day marvel; a gym fanatic that gives 100% to the fitness and nutrition lifestyle. They have amazing bodies, tanned and hot. Spornosexuals spend a substantial chunk of their income and time on looking and feeling as good as they can.

How many times have you agreed to meet a buddy at the gym to train, and been stood up? Or worse yet, you have a workout partner, but they just don't have the same intensity and zeal to train their butts off.

What if there was a way you could instantly connect to people when you're headed to the gym who have the same passion for lifting and train with the intensity of the bodybuilding greats!

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Well, you're in luck thanks to a new social app called Gymder.

Developed by a company based out of Munich, Germany, Gymder is advertised as a platform where fitness enthusiasts can connect to find workout partners or share training tips. The app enables users to filter people according to gender and mode of exercise. There's even a way to "like" what someone does on the app by giving them a "POW".

There is no "swiping" as there is with Tinder, Gymder just displays an assortment of floating heads.

The app allows users to filter people based on workouts and gender and if users want to like something another user has done they 'POW' them. Similar to other social media platforms, you can message and follow other users should you want to hang out after hitting the weights. Gymder is free to download, create a profile, and start connecting with other users in the area.

Are you a spornosexual? Learn how you can find a gym buddy using the Gymder app.
However, what seems like a perfectly harmless way to connect with other like-minded individuals has given others pause. Specifically, there is concern that Gymder is nothing more than a cleverly disguised "hook up" app for spornosexuals - men who love sports and porn.

In other words, these spornosexuals may just be using the app as a means to meet attractive, sweaty single people in the gym. The developers of Gymder have specifically stated that the app isn't meant for dating, stalking, or hooking up, but purely a "platform for fitness." However, that seems to fly in the face of the way the company promotes the app as "Instagram/Tinder for athletes."

According to the company, "the app helps users find mutually interested workout buddies nearby right when you need uniquely connects people in a fitness context - thereby users can find each other and train together anytime, anywhere."

Is Gymder for You?

Well, that's ultimately up to you, but as with any other app you download, you need to think about what the company who created the app is doing with all of the photos and data you upload. Furthermore, why bill it as "Tinder for Athletes" yet deny Gymder is a dating platform. It seems the company is talking out of both sides of their mouth, leaving you unsure which is the real deal.

In any case, if you need a training partner, why not just start a human to human conversation with another lone trainee at the gym and leave the cell phones at home.

What do you think? Is Gymder a harmless fitness app, or is it something a little more controversial?
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John Hennessy - January 11, 2019

Haha what a great concept! What a way to find a gym partner. Way to use modern technology

jeff gray - January 11, 2019

great idea in theory, I have never had a good reliable workout partner, on my same schedule in my entire lifting experience.

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